December 28, 2017
By abby_527 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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How does it feel to be able to fly?"
" It feels amazing! I can fly anywhere I want. It's amazing being able to see what people can do.  It's fantastic being able to fly up and down a tree. Being able to sit on the tree, walk on it and then get you flight to fly. That's exciting! Or being able to walk on the ground. Feeling the hotness of the floor." 
" Really? That’s awesome." 
" Yes, only at times, it is rough for me, because I have to migrate when it snows. Since I don't have a warm home. But it is also rough on me, when I fly low, and sit on a windowsill, you can't imagine the pain I go through. "
" What do you mean?"
" Imaging seeing one of your kind, chirping for help. Wanting freedom. Wanting to be able to fly like me. "
" What type of bird are you anyway? Because you don't seem like an outside bird. You seem more of a pet"
" I am a finch bird. And yes, I am a pet. But all of us come from Hawaii but since we been captured, many of us were sent all over America. I haven't been able to see my family. I don't know if they're alive. Or if they're still in a cage. "
" And why aren't you in a cage, Meli?"
" I was able to escape, from my owner. He was so nice but his children... weren't. They loved to touch and pull my soft feathers. They loved to squeeze my small self. It got to the point that I was at the vet every week. I was always bleeding from all the pulling. So, I didn't like it, therefore I decided to leave my beautiful home."
" How did it feel to be in a cage for you?"
" I really didn't have has much freedom as I do today. Before I only had limited space to fly. I couldn't spread my wings as much. I know that I'm small but I would have loved to be able to fly with space. Also, before I was feed a specific type of food, that I didn't even like. But I've learned how to eat anything. Yes, I would get sick but my stomach got used to it. Now I eat things that I love like grass, insects, berries between others. "
" Meli, can you help me escape?"
" Charlie, I really can't. I'm sorry. I loved to, but I don't want to risk me getting caught and being trapped again in a cage. "
" Look at you. With your white, grey and dashes of brown, flying all over the city all alone. Why fly alone when you can have a partner. If you help me escape, I'll be your partner. Please just help me. I'm like you. I want to be free. I don't want to be in a cage for the rest of my life I want to fly and fly nonstop. You've been in a cage, you know what I'm going through. I don't want to see the same things everyday. Everyday I see fake leaves, a trunk, a little fountain where I drink water from, and a bowl where I eat from. While you see different things, eat different things and you're free. Let me have freedom like you, please." 
" Charlie, but weren't not the same kind. I'm a finch bird, while you're a parakeet. I can't help you. We aren't even supposed to be friends. We aren't supposed to be getting along. "
" Meli, I've been through what you been through even maybe worse. At times I'm not fed, at times a rat comes and tries to have me for dinner. At times I have no warmth. Please Meli, let me have freedom. "
" I'm sorry, Charlie I can't. I already told you why. If I'm seen I will be put back in a cage and I don’t want that. Plus, we can't be getting along. It was a mistake to talk to you." 
" I can't believe you. I thought you were different. I thought you didn't care about the type of bird one is. But I was wrong. Leave. I don't want to see you again. I might be a parakeet but I do have a heart. A heart that you destroy with what you just said. Leave and never come back. I'm so disappointed in you--" 
" -- Stop don't say that! Please!"
" Leave! Be free like you are! Let me be in this cage all alone like, I've always been. I was better without you, Meli!"
" I'm sorry." 
Meli leaves and never was seen again by Charlie.
  Charlie was found a few days later dead, from the great lost of his best and only friend.

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