I Want to Fly Through the Clouds Over the Mountain and Go to Another World

December 25, 2017
By lost_and_free GOLD, Rancho Mirage, California
lost_and_free GOLD, Rancho Mirage, California
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The bright full moon and night sky, poke-dotted with tiny, shiny stars, could not be seen through the dark but calm clouds. T’was midnight, and Raymond the little, adorable, lonely bear was restless. Mama and papa bear were asleep, tired from a long day’s work! But for the bear, the night had only just begun!

That’s how he felt every night, lying down on his bed by the open window. The smells of grass, trees, and the everlasting liberty of nature tempted him to run to that gigantic, heavenly roadblock—the mountain. Freedom’s lust brought him emotional turmoil.

To be unable to reach out and grasp the other worlds of the clouds when they were right there drove him to insanity, the little, adorable, lonely bear named Raymond. So, that night, he thought to himself, No! I won’t take it anymore! I’m running away to pursue my dreams, my happiness, my true life of adventure.
Thus, the bear stood on his bed and jumped through the flimsy screen, the only barrier between him and freedom.

Then, after staring into those clouds swarming the land, the mountain, the sky, the little bear thought long and hard, so very long and hard, until two angelic wings miraculously and suddenly popped out of his back.
And he soared.

He shot through the clouds and flew at a bullet train’s pace towards the mountains, the ultimate barrier that had been blocking him off from happiness the whole time.

Finally, another world! New people, new places, new life, new, new, new! I can’t wait to leave this awful home of mine and find a better one, a joyous home.

Finally, the little, adorable, lonely bear flew way beyond the mountains and drifted down through the clouds to see his new home.

But there was nothing besides the same old world outside the mountain.

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