Journal of Me, myself, my jounrey

December 25, 2017
By Anonymous

This Journal of Odysseus will be continuasly written.

Finally, I’m freed from my imprisoned place by Zeus’s order. The gods finally remembered my hardships for 7 whole years on the island. I understand the gods have countless duties to encounter, while i am just one of them, so everyday I climb up to the highest point on the island, the cliff, and waited, waited for one small ship or one small piece of land the gods creates that can bring me back home. But my waiting seemed to never come to an end, so long as I sitted on the cliff nothing came. My heart sobbed day after day of waiting, until one day when my heart no long could bear such tortures it sank to the bottom of the sea and cooled. I still climbed up the cliff everyday after that, but there were no more hope inside my body.

Remembering all those tortures i had experienced, I knew now i had to treasure this chance. No longer am I the prideful Odysseus, no longer will I blame the gods, I have to get home safely and make up the duties I left behind for my wife. Oh! How shameless am I to leave my kid and my wife behind at Ithaca, now I have to sail on my boat and plan my journey back. I will write you soon after I reach the drylands.

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