Orge Library

December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Once upon a time in a swamp far, far, away there was a librarian. Well, not really an actual librarian, just a library aid. The library aid was green and loved to eat onions. She lived in the swamp by herself, with all the books. One day when she was organizing the books, a small child appeared. The librarian did not like small children, she began to immediately yell at the child. The child placed its bag on the table in the library, not the floor. Angering the librarian. In the anger of the librarian, she began to eat the child. This was not the first victim of the librarian. The swamp was filled with bones of children that the librarian had attacked. She did not enjoy the presence of any child. Nobody has ever gone to the swamp and came back alive, leaving the location of it a mystery.

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