Girl v. Girl

December 19, 2017

He acted so nice!

“He yelled at me that night. How is that nice?”

He opens the door for everyone!

“He threw open the door and pushed me in his car.”

He’s a gentleman!

“The bruises say otherwise.”

He didn’t leave the game last night.

“I have proof that he did.”

He’s always standing up for everyone!

“He stood against me.”

Boys will be boys.

“How can you excuse what he did?”

He said you wanted it!

“Why would I want this?”

What were you wearing?

“A hoodie, jeans, and converse.”

Why did you let it happen?

“Why would I have let this happen?”

Did you say no when he grabbed you?

“I screamed it.”

Why did you wait so long to tell anyone?

“He threatened to hurt me if I did.”

You ruined his reputation!

“He ruined my life.”

You’re a liar. You’re making this up for attention.

“Why would I want this type of attention? Why would I want to be ridiculed for what he did?”

I can’t imagine him doing something like that!

“I couldn’t either.”

Why are you making him sound like a monster?

“Monsters aren’t always under your bed.”

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