The Moment I Saw Him

December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

The moment that I saw him I knew. He was perfect in every way, his ocean blue eyes, his shimmering smile, his wheat coloured wavy hair, even his laughter was perfect.

In one hand I concealed the silver six inch dagger, and as our eyes met we seemed to be stuck in a waltz. I came closer and as he smiled at me, my heart fluttered.

We crossed the barren street to each other, and I couldn’t help but think about how amazing this feeling was! I finally got to him, and my heart seemed to stop.

He smiled at me and asked my name, “Polar.” I said. He smiled and said nothing more. Now I thought, this was the perfect moment to end it all! With a swift flick of my wrist, I plunged the dagger into his chest.

How beautiful the crimson tide of his blood was! He looked somber and almost happy. I was so confused, I just put an end to his life so ho could he be happy?

It didn’t matter, I made the perfect kill, because the moment I saw him I knew.

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