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December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Mom screaming “OMG”! Running back and forth non stop back and forth. I’m sitting on the steps crying and just looking.  4 years ago my brother was pronounced dead at Christiana Hospital. Never did I expect to lose my brother at a young age he was 17 years old, with one year of school left. Me and my brother bond was inseparable when we was little but as we got older we grew apart, things changed he changed and at that point life became difficult for not only me but my mom.

        I noticed my brother started surrounding himself around people that wasn’t beneficial and that’s when me and him started losing our close relationship. Everytime I seen my brother do wrong or I knew what he was doing was wrong I told my mom, not to snitch but because I knew it was wrong. One thing about my brother he never liked when I would tell on him because my mom was always on him about doing wrong or just anything she felt as though wasn’t cool. My brother eventually got incarcerated and got a year, my brother didn’t do anything major but the group of people he was with was not considered a minor plus they already had a troubled background with the law.

While my brother was locked up he was receiving threats and my mom always reported the threats, the cops took that situation lightly. Eventually that year was over and my brother wasn’t even out for little over a month. Our bond was starting to get on track and everything was starting to come together not with just us but the family in general. My mom was so excited when my brother got home and so was I, it felt so good to have my brother around again.

Dec 9th on a snowy morning my school called and announced that school was closed due to the weather. That was the day my mom called off as well so we all stayed in the house my brother went out to shovel snow and later made me breakfast. The whole day we stayed in the house and basically did family activities. That day i believe my brother was going to go to one of his friends that past funeral but the weather was so bad he decided to not go i guess not 100% sure.

Later that day my mom was cooking dinner I was in my room on the phone and on my laptop. A knock at the door and my mom answered, it was someone asking for my brother. My brother initially thought it was just him and that person he was out talking to him and later that night someone came from behind the tree and shot my brother. My mom forgot my brother was even outside and soon as she remembered she dropped everything screamed and open the door it was my brother falling in on the ground. All i remember was my mom screaming my brother name and yelling call the cops call the cops mar been shot, and after that I became numb I couldn’t cry I couldn’t do nothing but sit and just stay still.
The ambulance came began to try to get my brother to response but he wasn’t, so they took him to Christiana Hospital where they can try with better equipment. And a hour later they announced my brother dead. It was the hardest thing I could stomach, the bullet that shot him broke into pieces and hit him somewhere that continued to make him bleed.     
     The End! 

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