3rd of july

December 18, 2017

3rd of July. A day you spend with your loved ones. The kids are laughing till they cry, the parents spend some time with some good old friends. Kids racing to catch their friends in a swift game of tag. Children work up a hearty appetite and bolt to their parents. Burgers sizzled on the grill, and the aroma of the grease on the grill filled the air. The lines snake a mile long, as you wait to feast on greasy, juicy, delicious, food. Many people share an ice cold beverage with friends under the booming lights in the sky. CLICK! Trying to capture the moment in a single photograph. The people all gather around to gaze upon the stars to see the explosions above their heads. The burst of colors in the sky amaze the young minds of the generation. As the sky goes returns to the dark blue color in the sky, many scurry to their cars to get home and bid their friends a good night. People fill the streets like a tsunami, searching for their cars and people they may have left behind. Rushing to get home and get to a fast sleep. The ride home sends the children to fall to a deep sleep on their sibling’s lap.
What a night, with an amazing sight.

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