2018 NBA Finals

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Game 7
Lebron James is in another one of his giant games of his life. Bron with his 6 foot 8 two hundred and fifty pound frame, can inflict dominance into a game at any point in time. He’s so massive that he makes other players on the court look like kids that ran onto the floor Lebron has already been in Game sevens in his career. “This is nothing new to me” says Lebron, “I don’t get nervous like I used to when I was younger.” James was going through the media before the game. A reporter asks “James you’ve gotten a lot of heat for not closing this series out back in Cleveland.” “What do you have to say for yourself?” Lebron looked like he just got heated and a huge burst of rage came out of him. “Really what do I have to say for myself?” “Am I five?” “We played as hard as we possibly could back in Game Six but the shots wouldn't just fall in.” “ I’m the greatest player that there ever was or will be, so we’re closing this thing out tonight.” The mic is thrown to the floor as Bron storms out of the conference room.

Everyone looked shocked of what they’ve just seen, “did lebron just do that?” Five hours before the game, James looks straight up scary. He has the growl on his face that just makes you think he’s gonna go off tonight. Already he’s shooting around, it almost looks like he’s just gonna wait on the court until the other team comes.

Three hours left, Bron has his Beats in his ears. He’s sitting in the trainer's room getting wrapped up. A director should’ve been there to film him, he looked like he belonged in one of those Beats by Dre commercials. While he’s getting wrapped up Coach Lue walks up to him. “Hey Bron!”  Bron took off his beats, “What is it Ty?” “just as a heads up before the game, be ready to play a lot of minutes tonight.” Lebron was caught up in the middle of thinking about something, “uh yeah of course Coach Lue.” I’m afraid it might be the whole game. I took you out for a five minute strech and I’m sure that’s what costed the loss on your home floor. Are you gonna be ready?” “Yes Coach.”

Finally after what felt like forever, people start coming into the arena and flood into Oracle arena. The players start shooting around half and hour before the game as the announcers start their telecast. “Hello everybody Mike Breen here with Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson, and we welcome to Game Seven of the NBA finals between the home team Golden State Warriors and visiting Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s been a back and forth series this year as it seems when one team might gain an advantage, the other team fights back and wins one. But tonight it must end.” Jeff Van Gundy chims in, “In a Game Seven anything goes really, I think whoever decides to sit down and play defense, and dive after loose balls is going to win this game.” Mark Jackson disagrees, “I think it’s gonna come down to whoever shoots threes more accurately, every time either of these teams wins, it’s when they shoot a high percentage from three.”

Lebron’s pumped up, he can’t wait to get into this game and kick everybody’s butt. He’s obviously loud and rambunctious, but in his mind he’s thinking a lot. Everybody looks ready to go out there and play, let’s just hope Isaiah can keep Curry under control tonight.  The announcers are even excited as well. “Well fellas it looks like the National Anthem is starting.” The anthem is performed by Adele in front of 18,000 standing warriors fans. As Adele receives a standing ovation at the end you can hear Lebron through the mics yelling “Let’s f***ing go!” “We’re so sorry about that for those of you at home ladies and gentlemen.”

The game tips off as Kevin Love gets the ball to Isaiah. “I’ll tell you Stan, these Cavs during the playoffs have been so unselfish and they’ve been great at sharing the ball, and passing it to the open man.” The ball is kicked to Lebron, as he drives past KD’s long arms and drives into the paint only to pass it with one hand to the open J.R Smith on the wing. Swish! The Warriors dribble it back and do what they’ve done all finals long, use their star power. Curry uses his magnificent dribbling to get pass Isaiah, he kicks to to Durant who does a triple crossover with a stepback, and finally Klay gets open from a hard screen by Draymond, Durant passes to the torch known as Klay Thompson. The first half rolls by like this. Lebron coming down on one end and keeping the Cavs in the game, and the Warriors using their Big Four to an advantage.

“Welcome back everybody from halftime show and we’re in a close game, 50-47 Cavs. Oh, here comes the game right now.” We’re winning this game I know it. “Oh my goodness do you see the look on Lebron’s face you guys.” “I think he sees blood in the water Mark.” In one of if not the greatest finals moments of all time, Lebron single handedly dominated the warriors and ended the game in one play. Curry was shooting his curry challenge shot when SWAT, the ball comes into Lebron’s hands, he dribbles it all the way down the floor breaking Klay’s ankles and making him trip and fall into a waitress carrying a full array of c***tails, Durant thinks he can steal it but he gets eurosteped around when finally Dray jumps up as high as he can to block the dunk, only to be baptized by Lebron James.

The announcers, fans, and Warriors were shocked and in disbelief. Bron goes crazy as well as the rest of the Cavs players. The game was over at the point.

Final score 107-80 Cavs. Lebron! “How do you feel?” You can kiss my ass and my fourth ring. “Um, I feel amazing, Let’s go Cleveland!

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This is what's happening in the 2018 Finals everyone. 

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