So it Goes Like This

December 15, 2017
By nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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So it goes like this: We don’t know each other, we don’t see each other, and we don’t care about each other, only sparing a moment’s glance on occasion. Each with more important things to occupy our minds. School, friends, family, who’s wearing what, what team is playing which, anything. No connection, no spark.

So it goes like this: We bump into each other, only giving a simple apology. It happens again, and again, and soon, we’re talking to each other with more than just a sorry. Soon, it transforms into something bigger, better.

So it goes like this: We realize how much we have in common. Giggles and laughs are exchanged over a cup of coffee. We talk about the news, about new books, about the latest show on TV. Anything that pops up in our heads. We are open, always constant. Nothing is hidden, and it is a free friendship.

So it goes like this: We kiss. It happened by mistake, while one of us was comforting the other about something silly, stupid. The thought of something more has always been there, running, skipping, leaping through our minds. Now it the fuse has been lit. It gets bigger, something more secure. Friendship is still there, but now there are more hugs, more feelings, and more love.

So it goes like this: We are happy. Together, we can accomplish anything. It’s us against the world. Supporting each other, sidekicks to the other hero, a steady something that was prepared for anything. We are greater than any complication that could ever happen. We are united, protected, and anchored.

So it goes like this: We argue. We fight. Words are exchanged in a flurry of anger, and in bated breath we wait for the next thing to snap the strings that are already stretched too thin and coiled too tight. Objects are thrown, all missing their mark, but we not so secretly wish that they hit. The slightest mistake adds fuel to the fire. Loose, meaningless apologies are given. Nothing changes and does it even matter anymore? We remember words from so long ago, only to forget them the next day.
So it goes like this: We end it. We are no more, only you and I. Blame rests on both of our shoulders. Neither of us tried to make it work after it crumbled, neither of us seemed to care. The bridges have burned, and we would bend over backwards to make sure nothing happens again. Distant, yet so close. We pass each other once in a while, unable to make eye contact. Not a fleeting glimpse, not a single shared moment recollected, not a shimmer of hope left. It never happens again. No connection, no spark.

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