If You Asked

December 15, 2017
By nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
nmaggie SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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If you asked Becky, she would say that it was a small lie, just a simple rumor turned wild. Nothing drastic.

If you asked Jonas, he would say that Eliza got what she deserved.

If you asked Dalia, she would say that it was none of her business, and wave you off by saying it was none of your business either.

If you asked Meena, she would say that the rumors were cruel, and Eliza was better than that.

If you asked Zander, he would say that it was wrong what happened, and he wished that he could take it all back.

If you asked Aiden, he would say that she was too good for the people in his school.

If you asked Kat, she would say that Eliza should have reported it the moment it started.

If you asked her best friend, she would have said that there was nothing she could have done, but she wished that she tried.

If you asked the guidance counselor, she would croon in sympathy and say that she was always there for Eliza.

If you asked the principal, or any of the teachers, they would say that Eliza was a good student, and they had no idea that any of that happened.

If you asked her parents, they would say that she never spoke of anything that occurred.

If you asked her brother, he would say that he could hear her sobbing at night, and he regretted never asking her what was wrong.

If you asked Eliza, however, she would say that none of it was true. That they picked on her and bullied her, and that she never wanted any of it to happen. That she told them to stop but they didn’t listen. How no one was there for her. That she was alone, and sad, and that this was going to happen sooner or later.

But you didn't ask. No one did. No one questioned it, no one interfered, no one bothered. 

And now, you can't ask Eliza. After all, dead people can't talk.

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