The Most Magical Time of The Year

December 15, 2017
By adinlampros BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
adinlampros BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
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It was my tenth Christmas, five minutes until twelve o'clock, I could not sleep because of how excited I was. I have wanted to see santa for my whole life, since I could not sleep I figured I might as well try to see him for the first time. I was staring at my clock, clenching my dog stuffed animal in excitement, waiting for it to strike 12:01, at exactly 12:01 I heard a strange noise outside. I layed there feeling excited, it could be santa but I also felt scared, what if it was not santa. I walk out of my room with my stuffed animal, took a left and walked out the front door into the dark snowy night, I needed to know what that noise was, meeting santa would be a dream come true. I did not travel far outside, just across my small yard where the strange noise was coming from. I stood in the cold for five minutes, I did not hear a thing. Then suddenly the air turned black around me. I had no idea what was going on it suddenly felt like it was a hundred degrees in the black air, I thought at first that santa was coming to say hi, until I saw blood red eyes in the black air. 

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