The School Bombing

December 15, 2017
By miks710 BRONZE, Sioux City, Iowa
miks710 BRONZE, Sioux City, Iowa
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It was just an average day for the kids at South High School. They went to their scheduled classes. They never really noticed what was going on in the world. Except for Alex who was the type of person that ruined everything for everybody. He always assumed that everybody watched the news like he did. This was just any normal day, Alex would walk into the school building and start talking to people about what he saw on the news last night. Little did he know nobody cared. He then made a prediction of what was going to happen next. His prediction was that somebody or someone group is going to try to take down their school. The following days he kept saying this over and over and over.People actually started believing him. Soon, the whole school was scared out of their  minds.

Then it happened he was right someone had placed a bomb in one of the lockers. At noon it detonated and blew the school into pieces. Not many people survived but Alex did. And so did the person who put the bomb there to begin with. Along with about 1,000 other kids. They were all badly injured. He wanted to find out who set a bomb off in the school. He went to his dad who was the sheriff of the town of Bellville. They immediately went to work on trying to catch the person who set a  bomb off in the school. The bomb had a small enough radius that it only took out about 1 mile worth of land around it. Luckily no houses or anything had been built around the school otherwise they would be gone as well.

The first the sheriff did was ask his son to try to remember what happened.

I walked into school as I would on a normal day. I went up to the kids that were standing in the hallway talking to their friends. I walked to my locker grabbed my books and went to my first period class. When that class was over I walked out of the class room and went to second period. I went to the rest of my classes and then at the end of the school day person set the bomb off was waiting for just the right moment.  They made a good decision on when to set it off considering the end of the day is always the busiest.As I walked out if my seventh period class the only person standing in the hallway was David and he was leaning against the lockers. He was acting really weird when people walked past him. He was saying some pretty weird stuff .The only thing is that he couldn’t have set the bomb off because he wasn’t standing in the center of the school he was standing in the east wing.  That is all I remember.

He was taken out of the room and sat in the police station waiting for his dad to finish up with the last kid.

When his dad came out he told him that he wouldn’t be going anywhere for a long time. The sheriff didn’t want his son out on the streets at night when there is a killer on the loose. The sheriff made a room and sent his son in there until he was ready to go.

After what felt like twelve hours of sitting in the dark dirty room in the back of the police station. The sheriff was finally ready to go home. When they got home Alex went up stairs and took a shower to relieve some stress of the day. When he was done he got dressed and went downstairs to see that his dad had made supper for him. Granted it was only a sandwich but still that meant a lot to him. He hasn’t seen his dad much since he got promoted to sheriff. His dad is always working late. He does have to support the two of them because Alex’s mom passed about four years earlier.

The next day he went to a family friend's house and spent the day with them. When his dad came to pick him up he was ready to hear what his dad had found out. When he asked his dad his dad said that they narrowed it down to a couple of kids and that one kid was his best friend, Ryan. His friend had the possibility of going to prison. He needed to text Ryan immediately and ask him what happened. When he didn’t receive a text back from Ryan he knew something bad had happened. He decided to go to Ryan’s mom to see if she had seen him since last night. When she didn’t respond to him either he knew something definitely wrong.

Where could they be? What if they are hurt? I have to find them.

He  went to the police station to see if he was there. He then realized that he was probably at his favorite spot thinking about what was going to happen to him. He went to check to see if Ryan was there and luckily he was. When he climbed up the rocks to get to him he sat down asked him why he didn’t answer his text. He didn’t respond. When asked anything he didn’t respond. Then Ryan stood up and walked down off the rocks before he did anything stupid. He was under a lot of stress so what Alex decided to do was to just be there for him and make sure that he didn’t do anything stupid. He walked Ryan home and made sure that he was safe with his parents.

The next day, the sheriff caught someone setting up a bomb and the next thing he knew he was walking up to the dead body laying on the ground. Then the bomb went off the person standing there was killed.

“Ryan.” He whispered.

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