The Doll Under the Tree

December 15, 2017
By Eriiiiii SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
Eriiiiii SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
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“Ben, hurry we need to get everything ready for christmas ! I need help.” Lily yelled.

“Help with what?” Ben impatiently answered.

“Well, I can’t reach the box of ornaments.”

”If you wait until I finish making this cake, I’ll help you.”

”Ughhh that will take forever.”

Then Lily went to her room disappointed that she couldn’t start decorating the house because she needed the box of ornaments. Dad and mom went to the Shelly’s Mall to buy presents and also do groceries. They knew that Ben wanted a color changing turtle.

Dad and mom didn’t really know what Lily wanted for Christmas but his dad remembered  that she said she wanted a doll with vivid, black, curly hair. So they went to look for a pretty doll that Lily would like. They wanted her doll to be special and unique. So they went to see if there was doll that resembled what she had said. Sadly there wasn’t one, it was Black Friday after all. So they had no choice but to buy a doll opposite of what she had said. They were a little worried that Lily wouldn’t like the doll. That day they went into a little shop named Sea Horsey and as soon as they walked in there they could tell that there would be nothing like Lily said. Anyways they continued to  look around the store. They bought exactly the opposite of what Lily had said and hoped she would eventually like it.

  The parents went home with all the groceries and Christmas gifts Lily and Ben were excited to see that their parents were home. Their parents said they would take them to the movies if they hurried to clean the whole kitchen since they’ve made it messy. Lily and Ben both the chores and helped clean the kitchen. Once they were done their dad took them to the movies.  Dad went back home with mom and wrapped all the gifts they got while the kids were at the movies. When the kids were home again the parents put them to sleep.

  The next morning it was Christmas. Lily got up in a rush almost tripped over her pillows and went to see the Christmas tree. To her surprise there were many more gifts for her than her brother Ben. She opened gift after gift until she came to see a doll. She thought it was the doll she wanted but it wasn’t. Lily was very disappointed but still thankful with everything she got.

  Christmas past the days when on, on, and on. Lily was still upset with  the doll she got for Christmas that she never used it. Then one day her parents were invited to a birthday party that was going to take place at Starfish Park. Ben was extremely excited he loved to  play hide-and-seek with his friends but Lily wasn’t that excited. Their parents tried to cheer both of them up for the party.

   Well, then the big day arrived it was the day for the party! The family went to the party they ate, sang, and even danced while Ben and Lily played with their friends. The siblings were playing hide-and-seek until something with curls caught Lily’s attention under the tree. She walked over where the tree was saw a beautiful, old, and kinda worn out doll. She picked it up because she liked it and went to show it to her mom. When she showed it to her mom her mom’s friend named Olivia came and said “ ohhh Wow you found my daughter’s doll !” Lily said “ wait… you’re gonna take the doll from me ? I really,really,really… like it.” Olivia said yeah I have to my daughter loves her doll. Then Lily said “ Well how come it was under the tree???” Olivia  said well my daughter lost it here at the park when she got a heart attack and was taken to the emergency hospital. She’s hospitalized and I don’t know if she’ll ever leave the hospital. Lily said “ Why can I go see her ? “ Olivia said of course we can go after the party.  So they went after the party and Lily got informed that her daughter named Abigail had cancer and that she was slowly dying and that doll belonged to her. Abigail had beautiful curly hair just like the doll. Lily was shocked to see so much beauty reflection on her like the doll. They talked about the doll and the girl at the hospital didn’t want to give Lily the doll, but then she said never mind you can have the doll. The poor girl in a upsetting voice said “... I’m eventually going to die soon, and I can tell how much you like the doll” . You can have the doll Abigail told her. Lily cried tears of water salt.

Abigail told her that the doll was magical, that if she rubbed her tummy 3 times and sang her a song she would talk. Then a couple minutes later the Abigail died. Lily took the doll home.

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