Lucy Longing

December 20, 2017
By Gigi.W BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
Gigi.W BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
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Lucy Longing says good-bye to Death and in his place Happiness comes to relax her fears and soothe her pain.

Chapter 1: Good-bye

Lucy Longing laid in bed, her headphones blocking out the noise and hatred of the world. She stared at the ceiling its white color blank and boring. She looked at the corner, where the wall met the ceiling the shadow on it creating an illusion as if it went beyond the height of the wall. From that shadow a dark hand appeared followed by a head; a cloaked figure that seeped darkness through the room. She watched as death entered gently. He floated until he hovered a few feet above her. She stared at him. The black of his cloak swirling, small wisps scattering out of it as if the cloak could no longer contain the pain that death represented. He extended his hand to her asking for her cooperation. He expected her to take it, as she had done every time in the past. She looked down at the offering, then back at death. She stared at the outstretched hand that was nothing but bone with shadows filling the spaces where joints and ligaments should be. She looked sadly at it; death’s offerings were always so welcoming and familiar to her. She wanted to take the bony hand and slip into the dark, feeling its welcoming whispers and soft touches. However, she could no longer slip away and play his games. She inhaled and blew softly at the hand which withered and flew away like ashes. Death c***ed his head and she stared sadly at him. He smiled and bowed, knowing that she would no longer accept him for she had finally learned to say no. He looked to corner from where he came, and from that same place came a woman with a sun for a face and a dress of every color imaginable. Death reached his hand out to her and she took it gracefully, floating down next to him. He bowed to the both of them knowing he was no longer welcome. Lucy Longing smiled at death for this was the last time he should be seen. He disappeared from where he came the small wisps of shadows withering out in the light. The woman stared after death before looking down at Lucy Longing. Lucy Longing was scared, for she knew who the woman was but had never met her. She also knew that the woman would tend to her wounds and take her pain away. The woman was happiness; someone she had longed for and forgot. Tears stung her eyes as she knew she could finally be herself. Happiness smiled at her before cupping her face in her warm hands.
“It is okay to cry my dear,” She said, her voice smooth as silk. “If it were not for tears, I would not exist.”
Lucy Longing’s face twisted with sadness as tears streamed down her cheeks. She cried and cried, Happiness holding her as she shook with relief. It was finally okay for Lucy Longing, for Lucy Longing, she no longer was.

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