My Sweet Ali

November 27, 2017
By ekuhl BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
ekuhl BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
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Setting: a sixteen-year-old girl, and her horse, Ali, are sitting in one of the stalls of a big wooden barn, the barn is dusty and dark and surrounded by fields and wooded areas. The horse is a light brown paint horse with a brown leather halter and a pink blanket on. The girl is tall, with brown hair made into a messy bun, cowgirl boots, her camo sweatshirt and her school uniform on. The girls voice has a southern twang to it and its shaky and sad. Her eyes are puffy and red from crying. Her horse is dying, she doesn’t have much time left with the poor animal, she’s sitting with her horse for the last few minutes of the horse’s life.

Shhh, Ali it’s gonna be ok, you’re gonna get better, you’re gonna run around with the other horses in a few days. (She leans down and lays her face on her horse’s face) You’re gonna get up and peek your pretty head out of the stall door when I drive up again. We’re gonna get you stronger again. That blockage is gonna go away I promise. Your eyes are gonna shimmer and you’re gonna be bouncin’ off the walls again like my good ‘ol girl. Were gonna gallop through those big open fields again I know it. (a tear drips down her face and onto the horse’s light brown fur, she pets the horses face, the horses eyes slowly shut as if going to sleep) I won’t let you go without tryin’ I promise you that. I…I don’t wanna lose you. we’re gonna win those races again, you’re gonna be my big beautiful barrel racer again. (the horse takes in a deep breath, and after a few seconds she doesn’t breathe again) ALI? (the girl clicks her tongue) c’mon’ one more breath, you’re not gonna give up, please…please. Bring her back to me, I want to hug her, and ride her, and I can’t do that without her being back with me. (she wraps her arms around her horse’s neck and lays down beside her) I can’t lose you. you were always by my side. Y... you, damn. (sniffles) I love you my sweet princess, I’ll take good care of your foals, I’ll make sure that they are as loved as you were. You will always be in my heart my sweet, sweet girl, thank you for all the mesmerizing times we had together. the times that you made me feel like I was flying, the times where you made everything ok after a long day. I’m glad all your pain and suffering is gone now, I’m glad that you’re ok. I’m happy that I got to spend your last few minutes with you, my pretty girl. (she unclips the horses halter, pulls off the bright pink blanket and holds them both close to her body. She stands up and walks out the door of the stall, hangs up the halter and blanket, and walks off. A single spotlight is still on the stall and all you can hear are the noises from the other horses in the other barns)

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