Hey, I’m One Inch Tall…

April 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Try and guess who I am; I have dark black hair, I have a muscled up body, and I am one inch tall. My name is Clark, and I am an anti-fairy. Anti-fairies do more bad to the world than good.

I select a random person, grasp their life with the palms of my hands, and crumble it up. Hey I didn’t choose the job; it’s just all I qualified for...

So, one time I was assigned to a middle aged man named Mr. Snigglemuffins. Anyway one day he decided to travel to the store for some supplies. While he was grouching through the breakfast isle I slipped behind a cereal box and gave it a good shove. It lurched off of the shelves and fell towards the floor.

Noticing the box of “Whole Grains” in dangers, he launched his hand forward and snatched the damsel in distress just in time.
While he was recuperating from that dramatic experience, I decided to make a bigger one. I grasped the nearest grocery item and hurled it off of the shelf towards the checkered floor. Bang! Smash! Crash! Kcssss! Went the cereal boxes all over the floor. Poor Mister Snigglemuffins I thought.

“Oh well; it’s my job.” I snickered as I pushed a can of pickles onto the ground.

As if the crashing of the cereal boxes weren’t enough to draw the other shoppers heads around to find what had happened, when that pickle jar smacked against the cold hard floor they were attracted to the isle like flies on poo. I swear that man turned so red I thought he would explode. Then there’d be a real mess.


The author's comments:
Not my best work, but give it a chance and submit your reveiws please.

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