A Really Spicy, Ripped Fairy Tale

November 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Orang Jr has been forbidden to go to the other land, Aissur, by his father. Orang Jr is bored by his repetitive life in Russia, and he dares to venture into the dark and unknown land of Aissur, against his father's will. When arriving he meets people who change his life forever.

Chapter 1: The Whole Story

Many years from now, in a bizarre universe, there were two countries. Both exact opposite of the other. Aissur was the ideal country that is a wonderful, prosperous place where candy canes can be found around every corner. Candy canes are a highly spicy food that allows everybody to become their own individual person. The other country directly below Aissur is Russia a depressing land where every person is required to eat garlic bread every day which makes the whole population zombie-like, and cause everyone to lack individuality. In this world lived the Orangs. They lived in Russia, not Aissur because, although it was beautiful and plentiful, it was evil there. Russia’s main food source and way of life were through garlic bread, which they ate daily, of course. The orangs who got lost from the path of good got banished to the dark side. The leader of Russia, Orang the Wise, the Legend, and the Spicy, kept track of everything. That’s how it was, how it had always been, and no one had any intention of changing it, because they thought this was the snazziest way to live.
Orang the Wise, the Legend, and the Spicy had a son named Orang Jr who was super saucy and ripped. One day, out of boredom, Orang Jr strayed from his garlicky life to The Wall which bordered Russia and Aissur. His father warned him never to go there, but Orang Jr. was really ripped, so he thought he would be fine. The Wall was made of garlic bread, which was not surprising. Orang Jr wondered, What could be on the other side?  He leaned on the wall, thinking about this, but because Orang Jr was so ripped, a small portion of the wall fell down.
Orang Jr’s eyes widened when he saw the astonishing memeness on the other side. Candy canes everywhere. Everything magical and entrancing, it pulled him in. He then saw Appl. She was ripped as well, with so much raw sauce, Orang Jr was about to faint. She saw him and started walking over. Orang Jr had been warned not to talk with anyone from Aissur but he played it cool, knowing that he was ripped enough to take her down.
“Hey, my name is Appl, what yours?” she asked.
“Hi, I’m Orang Jr from Russia. I think I have to go through,” Orang Jr replied.
“Aren’t you mad at your father for not telling you about how great it is here? Come, I’ll show you around.” How did she know about his father? Whatever. Appl showed Orang Jr around Aissur which somehow put him in a trance.
“We eat candy canes here, and they let us become our own individual person.” Appl smiled.
“Wow, I wish I could live here, with you,” Orang Jr said in awe. He was very mad at his father and went back to Russia to talk to him. Orang Jr was about to leave when Appl said, “Stay, and I will show you the way of the pepperminties.” So he stayed and started living in Aissur. Appl showed him the path of 12/25 but Orang Jr didn’t know he was going into the dark with no return. People in Russia searched and searched for days nonstop but they could not find Orang Jr. Orang the Wise, the Legend, and the Spicy was very worried about his son, but knew Orang Jr was smart and he would be fine. 
“You are ready,” Appl said. They started their way toward Russia, Orang Jr leading the way. They crossed The Wall and found Orang the Wise, the Legend, and the Spicy and a search crew nearby. “Where were you my son?” asked Orang the Wise, the Legend, and the Spicy. “You never told me about how amazing Aissur was you liar. I have joined their side now,” said Orang Jr. “I always feared one day you would fall under the dark. I must now destroy what I created.” They both whipped out their weapons; Orang the Wise, the Legend, and the Spicy - a baguette of garlic bread, Orang Jr - his new spicy candy cane. Their weapons clashed, and shook the world.
“Why have you joined the dark side child?”
“Maybe I like this feeling. I shall now use the one move which will destroy you Orang the liar”
“What?” Yeet! Orang Jr chucked his father over the edge of the world, where he would no longer exist as Orang the Wise, the Legend, and the Spicy. He was crowned King of the Outcasts Who Were Thrown Off of Cliffs, and began plotting his revenge against his ex-beloved son.

Chapter Notes:

There is only one chapter. Short but sweet.

The author's comments:

Our inspiration was Star Wars, and the battle between good and evil. The main takeaway is that all heros don't wear capes.

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