the case of the dead man

March 19, 2009
By Josh Folk BRONZE, Birdsbro, Pennsylvania
Josh Folk BRONZE, Birdsbro, Pennsylvania
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I was wondering in the streets when i saw a whole bunch of police cars and caution tape. It was so weird one minute it was all nice and calm and the next it was a big murdder case. I walked over to the police and asked them wha twas going on. One of them told me, " Go away we are trying to find out what happened we dont need any more destractions." a nothe said," sorry little guy we are trying to figure this out. you can come back latter." Well i could totally tell who was the nice one. So i went home and told my mom all about it. "It was so amazing," she said. i was going ot tell the police the next day i want to help. So the next day i told them that i want to help. they said sure you can help. I saw this guy and he was dead and there was blood all over his face. It was so descuting. So i went home after my work I told mom all about it. she was so surprised that the FBI would let mew help them with a murdder case. I was surprised my self that i was working with the FBI. I am only 12 years old it is really fun to. i the next day the case wasnt there so i went to the police station. i found the police men that i work with. They were siting there drinking coffee. so i joined them. i found who the killer was and every thing so i went home and told my mom. she was so proud of me. i had solved a murdder case at age 12. that was a very memerabul time of my life i loved working with them.

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I dont see why the peoople of the world have to be murdderers let me know what you think about killers at

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