The Busiest Intersection

March 19, 2009
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The Busiest Intersection

Horns, screams, insults, cussing, and ambulances fill the air in a serenade of sounds. The horns sound like an endless line of geese calling to each other as they fly down south but mixed with the ambulance sirens it’s like a war zone. As people try to move their cars to the left to see what is going on, nearly plunging into each other, cussing seems almost like the American idiom. A sound of two coke-cans being crushed together travels to the ears of many far; but close it is the terrifying sound of car metal scraping and snapping. The glass shattered almost as if it where a glass mug hitting marble flooring. The sun now disappears behind the dark screen of smoke. Now it is back to sitting in traffic for another two hours, at this busy intersection.

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Stephenmcreynolds said...
Apr. 8, 2009 at 8:32 pm
That was good.
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