Corrupt Love

March 18, 2009
By Genesis Torres BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Genesis Torres BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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She was having fun, but he was secretly planning her murder.

They had been married for forty-two long, beautiful years. It seemed that they had it all; the money, the children, the happiness. But then Lola came along.

One day when Martin went to the book store, part of his daily routine, and a young lady who looked as lovely as a flowering rose about the age of twenty-two walked in. She sat down and took out a book, Martin just stared at her beauty and Lola noticed. Lola walked over to the charming old man and introduced herself.
“Hi,” She said in a quiet voice that rang like wind chimes in a soft breeze. “My name is Lola.”
“Hello Lola, my name is Martin.” He replied in a scruffy voice. Martin and Lola loved each other’s company very much and decided to spend the rest of the day together, going to the movies, the beach, even to a house party. Martin did not know what a young lady would want with an old man. Occasionally Martin would brush his hand against Lola’s hand, trying to be romantic. Martin loved spending time with Lola; she made him feel young again. The only thing Martin found a bit strange was that Lola was the same age as his only daughter, Maggie. But he continued to see Lola while his wife, Ginger, thought he was doing his daily activities.
One day Ginger noticed Martin had been returning later than usual. Ginger noticed that Martin was becoming more distant and nothing was the same anymore. He did not even look at her the same way. Each night Martin grew more anxious for the next day. Martin started to grow more annoyed with the little things that Ginger did that he used to love. Martin loved the kisses that Lola would give him. They were soft yet forceful but Ginger’s kisses were soft, just soft, and they felt as if they had no meaning. Ginger tried to dismiss these thoughts and wanted to save their marriage.
After several months Lola and Martin’s love grew stronger and Martin knew that Ginger would never agree to a divorce; she had very old fashioned values. That’s when Lola and Martin started planning.
Next week would be their forty-third anniversary. They decided that Martin would take his wife out on the town, just to make her happy. He would take Ginger to a field full of bright wildflowers with a this giant old oak tree a little off to the side that held a wooden swing where they played at when they were young. The clearing was far enough from the road that no one would see them or hear the sounds. The clearing was close enough to the road that Martin would not have to spend hours running from the crime he had just committed. He had never thought of committing a crime and everyone knew he had the cleanest record possible. No one ever thought he would hurt a fly. But his love for Lola was overbearing, like a spell, like something he couldn’t control. Martin thought nothing of this and just felt ecstasy with the love shared between Lola and him. Lola knew what she was capable of and helped Martin plan the murder, while Martin had trouble even saying the word. Lola knew they could never have a life together if Ginger was still around.
Lola hated feeling like she could lose Martin to Ginger at any time, and she wanted to eliminate that possibility. Lola bought the gun the next day, just waiting until the day that her life with Martin could begin. As the day that Martin would commit the crime came closer, he grew more uneasy even as much as Lola tried to comfort him. Lola gave Martin the gun, that’s when Martin realized that this was real, this was actually happening. Martin put the gun away in a lock box and would occasionally take it out when no one was home just to look at it because he had never held a gun before.
On one of these occasions when Martin was playing with the gun his daughter, Maggie, walked in. Since Martin was so busy he did not hear her enter the spacious house. Maggie heard her father saying violent things and she decided to inspect what her father was up to. When she peaked through the crack door she saw her father with a gun, her immediate reaction was to yell and scream but she controlled herself. She stayed very still and listened to what her father was saying. Martin had revealed his secret plan while his daughter watched and listened. Maggie was shocked and heartbroken that her father would even plan to kill her beloved mother. Maggie did not know whether to go to the police or to tell her mother, she decided to keep it to herself and made her own plan on how to prevent her mother’s upcoming death. Maggie was curious to find out who this Lola was and wanted to ruin her for destroying her family.
Maggie knew that the murder would be around her parent’s forty- third anniversary and it would take place at the field with the wildflowers, she just did not know the time it would occur. She did not know how she would save her mother’s life either. Her plan seemed so vague but she was hoping that everything would somehow work out. Maggie stayed home the day before her parent’s anniversary and when nothing had happened that night she felt relieved, just one more day and everything will be fine.
The day finally arrived; Maggie was nervous and fearful while Martin just grew more uneasy by the hour. Martin knew that in a couple of hours he would be able to be with the girl that caught his heart. Finally the time came for Martin and Ginger to leave to go on their anniversary date. Maggie knew that once her parents left the house her mother’s life was in danger.
A few minutes after Martin and Ginger left Maggie followed right behind them. Once they got to the field Maggie was awestruck by the bright wildflowers but kept her focus on saving her mother’s life. She parked her car far away from her father’s car when she noticed a red convertible; she thought she recognized the girl as someone she had gone to school with. Suddenly it hit her, the girl; she was Lola, her father’s Lola.
Maggie saw, as time passed, that Lola did not move, that she just sat in the red convertible, looking troubled but eager in a way. After a couple hours Lola started to open the door to her car, she was dressed in a stunning white summer dress and it fit her body perfectly and complemented her skin tone. After Maggie was sure that Lola could not see her, she followed her into the woods. Maggie kept her distance but was sure not to lose Lola. After about twenty to thirty minutes Lola appeared in the clearing and Maggie followed but stayed in the shadows. Ginger stared at Lola as she stood next to her husband of forty-three years. Ginger began to ask many questions but Lola told her to be quiet and Martin took out the weapon that would soon end his marriage. That is when Maggie appeared standing next to her mother. She too was holding a weapon. Maggie had gotten the gun just for this day although she wished it would not come to this.

As the four stood, the tension built up second by second. Martin stared at Maggie with wondering eyes while Lola stared at her with hatred and annoyance. Ginger stared at Maggie with amazement. Suddenly a gun shot went off and only three people stood.

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This article has 3 comments.

on Jul. 7 2009 at 2:12 am
Genesis Torres BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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thank you =D

on Jul. 2 2009 at 4:27 pm
Swooshhh BRONZE, Bayonne, New Jersey
4 articles 0 photos 21 comments

Favorite Quote:
"dont worry now things will get better. it may be stormy now but it cant rain forever."

to liz_graham: the author wants your mind to figure that out. But to the writer this was really amazing. Nice ending too :)

on Jun. 2 2009 at 8:36 pm
liz_graham BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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wait WHO DIED!?!


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