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November 17, 2017
By WolfhoundsOfCambridge BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
WolfhoundsOfCambridge BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Skye- Tall and shapely,120lbs, wheaten color(cream color), 2yrs, goofy, clueless, willing, smart
Kujo- Really small, loud ass bark, adorable, and annoying/ Black & brown fur also

Kujo: “There’s too many dogs here for me”
Skye: “Oh boy I hope there is someone my size!”
Kujo: I need to go home, or one of these other dogs are going to run me over..”
Skye: I run to the other end of the park to the hill,” Maybe I can see some play mates from up here”
Kujo: “Maybe I should second guess this park, I may like it here overall these huge oversized dogs compared to me.”
Skye: I look around and see a little Black & Brown dog wondering around, I get real low and dash over to him.
Kujo: “Oh no, who is this big ass dog running over to me, like I won’t run away. He may think it’s a game. Let me just stay still..”
(Kujo shivering really fast)
Skye: I come flying down the hill and over the little dog.My tail hitting the little dog in the face. I turn around slowly and greet the little. “Hi, I’m Skye!!” 
(Kujo & Skye meet face to face)
Kujo: “Uh hi, I’m Kujo. You scared me, you see how little I am? You can’t just run up that fast and not expect me to be scared out my MIND!”
Skye: “Sorry about that, but umm do you want to play!?!? I’m very gentle and won’t run over you, I promise.”
Kujo: “It’s alright, at least I know your way nicer than I expected. I’d be cool with playing with you, since no one else asked. But, please keep that promise, I don’t want to see my life flash before my eyes, okay?”
Skye: “REALLY! Cool, I do my best. Thank you!” I start to puppy bow and use my play bark. It scares most people but who cares.
Kujo: “Okay let’s play. But what are we playing?”
Skye: “Oh.” I stop, “well I just run around and bounce around and bark and then run around some more.” “But if you have a better idea I’m up for that.”
Kujo: “Okay okay, well I mean we can do that for awhile but, you know I got little legs so uhh I’m gonna get tired real fast so we may need a second idea for when we’re done running.”
Skye: “Okay sounds fair to me.” I start play bowing and barking again. The ground shakes when I bounce, I can see Kujo go up and down.  “Thank you, Thank you!!”
Kujo: “You see how small I am right? I left the ground from your bark, what the heck.”
(Kujo turns his head and spots something on the ground)
Skye: “Sorry, I will just try and play bow and bark.” I bow and start moving in circle around him, But see he is looking at something else.
(Kujo runs over to something, picks it up with his mouth and turns around..)
Kujo: “ Hey look Skye, I found a stick.”
(Skye gets ahold of the stick, that Kujo had in his mouth)
Skye: “OHH, you like tug!” I walk over wagging my long tail and grab one side of the stick. I tug it a little but not much.
Kujo: “No I don’t there were other sticks right next to the stick I grabbed, know what have mine. I’ll go get another one.”
Skye: “Oh, come on you… Tug is fun.” skye standing there thinking then sees why that’s a problem. “Ohhhhhh. I see you don’t want to play.?” “I’m much too tall for you, huhhh. You think you won’t win huhh?!”
Kujo: “See you got it all wrong, we can do tug of war, but I mean I was just trying to enjoy my own stick. But let’s get that going then.”
(Kujo gets ahold of Skye’s stick and they look at each other)
Skye - (Looking at him in the eyes and smiling, she gets a good grip and pulls, dragging Kujo a little bit.)
Kujo: “Your winning for now.”
Skye: “OHH, Don’t get to c***y.”
Kujo: “Can’t hear you, to busy trying to win!”
Skye: (Rolls eyes and laughs to self, Tugging a little harder.) “Whatever you say.¨
Kujo: “Ughhhh I don’t think I can last any longer..”  (Breathing getting heavy while tugging for his life.)
Skye: (Leans forward a little and lets go of the stick, watching as Kujo falls back.)
Kujo: (Feels the release of the stick and goes flying back.) “Heyyyyy does that mean I won? I mean you did let the stick go? Huhhh?
Skye: “Hmmm well that’s a good point… I would say NO.” (Looking at him with her Crazy, sassy eyes.)
Kujo: (Gives her a weird look after hearing he didn’t win.)  “Wait, you just say I didn’t win? You do know the rules of this right? Because if you do, than.. you know I won just saying.”
Skye: “Yes I know the rules of the game and I was being sarcastic.”
Kujo: “Oh I knew that, I just wanted to make sure you knew you were being sarcastic, you know we gotta be on the same page hah.”
Skye: (Looking at him with the are you serious face.) “You didn’t know I was being sarcastic did you Kujo?”
Kujo: “ Uhh no..” (Rolls his eyes in annoyance, having to be real with her.)
Skye: “That´s ok, your not the only one who doesn't get it.”
Kujo: “Oh okay. Well now I know for sure that I won.”
Skye: “Yes you won fair and square Kujo.” (Rolling her eyes.)
Kujo: “Ha I beat you, how you feeling?”
Skye: “Blah, Blah, Blah, I’m feeling good thanks.”

The author's comments:

This is what I picture my Wolfhound saying at the dog park while playing with other dogs. 

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