November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

As I sit on the steps of the deck, my furry companion gently nudges me with his cold, wet nose, silently asking for my attention. I softly pet his red-brown fur as he snuggles beside me. After a few moments, he trots away into trees that sway in the wind on this cool, autumn day. My dog sniffs the grass for some time as the leaves fall around him, but a moth passing through the yard grabs his interest. His curiosity takes over and he follows the moth until he realizes that I am out of sight and that he is getting farther away from home. My companion,  plops down on the ground, sighing slightly, and rests his head on the grass.
What would happen if he kept going? What would happen if he caught the moth? Would he get lost or would he find his way home? People have a tendency to avoid things that frighten or challenge them. If society faced its challenges, would there be success or failure? Or is the public too afraid of failing and would rather not try.
I moved slightly on the step which peaked my companion’s interest. Although I did not stand, he got up from his spot on the grass and raced over to me thinking that I was going somewhere without him. My furry friend sat in front of me, his mouth open with his tongue hanging out and stared at me with his forest-green beady eyes. My companion’s once white paws are covered in mud from his adventure. He was so fascinated with what I was doing, he didn’t notice that the moth came back through the yard and left again.

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