Hunting Season

November 16, 2017
By emmaatlas GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
emmaatlas GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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“Don’t go out today”

“I have to”

“It’s not safe out there right now, it's hunting season.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be able to see them, it's as if they don’t care if they kill us, wearing those ridiculous orange things.”

“Don’t joke.”

“I’m not I just don’t want you to worry.”


“I have to go.”

“None of us are hungry we don’t need anything right now, let the crazy maniacs out there have their fun running around shooting things, but stay here, we are safe here.”

“We all need food.”

“I don’t”

“Well they do.”

“They'll survive we all will if we stay put.”

“Do you want to be like the pack downstream, they ran out of food it killed all their pups.”




“Yes...... But I’m coming too.”


“It will be faster and safer with the two of us.”

“Who will take care of the others?”

“They’ll be fine.”



“Let's get going then.”


“It’s so quiet out here nothing but the rustling trees, it will be easy to catch a rabbit.”

“It’s because they have killed all the birds.”

“Stop it.”

“Just saying....... probably true.”




“I think I hear something.”

“Are you making fun of me now because if you are.....”

“No!... Stop talking”


“I can hear them just over the hill, sounds like more than one, maybe two or three.”

“I hear them too...... we should probably go back.”

“And lead them right to the den?.. No we can’t do that.”

“So we stay here and wait for them to shoot us? We need to run, not in the direction of the den, but we can definitely outrun them, lead them far away and then circle back.”

“Their too close, they’d be able to hit us. We need to stay put, hope they don’t see us and move on.”

“They’re going to see us once they come over that hill.”

“They might not.”

“They will.”


“I’m going.”

“No wait.”

“Come on.”

“........ okokok.”

“Run hard to the river, once we cross we’ll double back and cross back over at the shallow point near the old dens.”



“Let's go.”


“I think they saw us.”

“Yeah they did... I told you we should have waited.”

“Shut up and keep running. They would have found us anyway.”


“Stop! Just keep running.”



“My leg. It's caught.”

“It's a trap.”

“I know it is a freakin trap get me out of it!”

“I can’t! Its human made! Can you still run?”

“Do you think I can still run?!”

“No sorry...... I just...... what should I do!”

“They are still coming..... Getting close now.”

“NO I’ll find a way out for you...... I just need to stop the bleeding.”

“You can’t”

“I can try.”

“You’ll be caught too.”

“It's OK.”

“No it's not! The others still need you.”

“They’ll be fine.”

“No they won’t.”


“You need to go.”

“I can’t leave you here.”

“It's OK.... Should have listened to you right? Not gone out.”

“Its Hunting Season.”


“I hear them coming.”

“You need to go.”


“Don’t stop running even when you hear the shot.”

“I won’t.”


“Did you get any food.”




“Well....... It’s Hunting season.”

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