Bethanys Gone!

March 17, 2009
By Bayley_Button BRONZE, Sumner, Maine
Bayley_Button BRONZE, Sumner, Maine
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Bethany is Gone!
By: Bayley C.

It was a moist summer night in July and Bethany had just turned 13 last week. She was chatting on the computer to a boy that the had met in a chat room. Her parents went out for the night.

BethanyBaby: Hey Jeff what’s up? Why haven’t you been online lately?

Jeff_the_man: Oh hey Bethany! I haven’t been on in a wile because my computer got broken and my parents had to bring it to the repair shop.

BethanyBaby: Oh well that explains it. So how are you?

Jeff_The_Man: I’m good. So what are you doing right now?

BethanyBaby: HOME ALONE! Finally!

Jeff and Bethany talked for a wile, but soon Bethany got tired and told Jeff that she had to go. That is when things started to get strange. When Bethany told Jeff that she had to go because she was tired , Jeff told her no, that she can’t go, he would be lonely. She told him that she would be on later that night after she got a couple hours of rest. He didn’t like that one bit, but agreed. After Bethany Logged off Jeff sent her a message.

Jeff_The_Man: Hey Bethany guess what… I just found out where you live!

Bethany had no clue that she was going to have a late visitor that night.

The next morning Bethany’s parents came home to the computer one and Bethany GONE!
“ Bethany? Are you there? Say Something if you can here me! Bethany Honey?” He mother called as she searched through the house. “ Bethany are you sleeping still?”

“ Honey call Bethany’s friends they are bound to know something!” Bethany’s Father said, in a calm but frantic voice. “ I bet she just got scared when we left last night and went over to Tiffany’s.”

But when Bethany’s Parents called Tiffany’s house no one knew anything about Bethany home alone last night or if she had left, and went to anyone house.

Bethany’s Parents put the house inside out. Looked in every nook and cranny and found no traces of her. Soon it was night and they hadn’t heard anything about Bethany. So they checked once more in every room. This time they noticed an envelope on Bethany’s bed that they hadn’t noticed before.

Bethany’s Parents

Dear Parents of Bethany,
This is her friend Jeff. No need to worry she is safe….. For now.
If you ever want to see your daughter alive please fill this envelope with the exact amount of money below…
Put this envelope on Bethany’s bed and leave the room. DO NOT COME PACK INTO THE ROOM UNTIL EXACTLY 12:00 pm


To Be Continued

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I heard online about this girl who was talkin online to a guy she met and he said I know where y7ou live. She logged off teh computer and then she died that night. That was my insparation. But I am giving this story my own tasty twist :]

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