The Secret Room

March 17, 2009
By Dahlia Black BRONZE, Abudhabi, Other
Dahlia Black BRONZE, Abudhabi, Other
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She sat in that dark room, planning for her vengeance. She had killed so many people before including her own father without any regret or feeling of sadness. It was like business to her. Yet, when she started to plan for his death she felt hurt and pain. She felt hurt and pain every time she thought of ending his life.
'But he's hurting you. Why should you let anyone who hurts you live?' whispered her devil. Its whispers were so addictive. Strongly addictive. But her addiction to him was even stronger.
'Don't do it!' screamed her innocent conscience, but she completely ignored it.
'You love him. You know that! How could you have the heart to kill him?' her conscience was urging her.
She stopped planning. She needed the break anyways. Thinking of all the details to make his death unobvious to the rest of the world that knows him was not easy.
But it wasn't difficult either.
'What if you do miss him after he has died?' she asked herself.
'You know that the sooner you get rid of him, the sooner you'll stop craving for him' whispered her devil.

She went back to planning. She kept her mind focused and concentrated. Her thoughts didn't stray even though she heard the small whimpering of her conscience at the back of her mind.
When she was done, she admired her work and praised herself for it. It was beautifully detailed.
'You owe this all to your dad' said the excited voice of her ever growing devil.
She knew she couldn't have done such a wonderful job if it weren't for the soundproofed room she was in. Her father, a well known engineer, had built it for her, thinking that she would've accomplished something so great. Maybe a cure for cancer. Or AIDS. Maybe a way to completely change the world, to make it a better place. But little did he know. The first night, after it was completely finished, she used it to plan her father's murder, and she soon killed him. Luckily, before he had told her mother of the room. Or else, her life would've been taken too.
She let herself believe that she had ended his suffering. And besides, she cannot let anyone know of her room.
It was like an unexpected good-bye present from her dad.

She went back to the plan. She was so excited about it that she decided to put it in action the very next day, a month earlier from the supposed date. She planned to do it on his birthday, as her gift for him. But plans change.
'I guess he won't read his 15th year, how tragic' whispered her devil sarcastically. And for some sad reason, she laughed along with her devil.

A couple of days later and he was gone. When she had done it, she felt that her heart was set on fire. She cried, not because of the pain, but because she knew that her conscience was right. She felt misery. She wished that she had killed herself instead.
'What gave me the right to take people's lives like that?' she asked herself, now aware of the horrendous sins she had committed.
'what's the point of living when there's nothing to be hopeful about? When there's nothing to look forward to?' she wept.
That's all she did.
She stayed in that room of hers crying. And if she wasn't crying, she'd be imaging how life could've been if she hadn't killed him. If she hadn't killed anyone. No one deserved what she did.
He probably would've noticed her in the end, and would've probably liked her too. That thought made her start crying all over again.
She stayed in that room hiding from the world for the rest of her short life. No one knew where she was, know one cared to know. Her mother didn't bother to look for her and neither did anyone else. It was like she was never there in the first place.

And one day, she just died. She died unpeacefully, but silently. So silently that even the atmosphere of that room didn't sense the change.
No one did.
'Didn't I tell you so?' whispered that tiny voice of her innocent conscience.

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