One Way The World Could End

March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

My eyes flew open and I sat up fast. From the equipment around me I guessed I was in a hospital. Attached to my arm was a monitor that was beeping, and I was in a nightgown. I got up out of the bed and pulled the wires off. I racked my brain trying to remember how I got there; the last thing I remember was a gun shot and a group of people in black hoods. Other than that my mind was black, which was strange, I couldn’t remember who I am but I don’t feel worried or panicked at all. In fact I just feel empty and emotionless.

I stood up, walked to the door and opened it to find a nurse or someone who could help me. I looked into the hallway and saw that it was empty, things were thrown over all over the place like a there was a rush to get out. I walked around the place until I found a locker room. There I got some cloths that fit me and then I continued to explore the empty hospital.

Then I came to the door that was marked the cafeteria that was blocked by a piece of wood. I took out the wood and opened the door to come upon a horrific sight. It was filled with corpses except the rotting bodies were walking around. The decaying flesh gave off a disgusting smell and bodies let out low moans continuously. Then one of them saw me and gave out a loud moan, making the others see me. They then tried to get to me in their slow shambling walk.

I closed the door and put the piece of wood back and thought
What the hell is going on? What were those things?

Thinking that there may be more of those things in the hospital I decided to get out of there. When I reached the outside I saw that it was just like the inside of the hospital, stuff was strewn about and the grass looked neglected. From the area surrounding the hospital I guessed I was in a rural area, nothing but fields all around.
I walked down the lone road thinking it could take me to a town that was near the place and find out what was going on and find out what those things were.

The road empty for a long while but after a couple hours I saw a town in the distance. For a short while I was excited thinking that things were all right until I got a better look at the town. It was deserted, like in the hospital there were things thrown around and cars littered the street. There were what seemed to be gnawed human bones that looked like they were weeks old.

What happened here?

Passing through the town the buildings were empty, although there some were barricaded. From inside one of them I could hear faint moaning, maybe someone was still alive. I went to the door and opened it, the stink of rot hit my nose immediately, how could anyone live with this. I slowly walked through holding my nose so I wouldn’t pass out, inside there was little light so I bumped into a couple of stuff.

I got closer to the moaning and it began to sound like what I heard in the hospital, was this kind of thing everywhere? A doorway to my left was open so I looked inside only to find another scene of horror. Like in the hospital there was a corpse that was moving, but instead of walking this one was eating another body on the floor. It was too much for me, I fell down to my knees and through up.

I heard a louder moan coming from the room and looked back up. The walking corpse was looking at me and was slowly walking in my direction. I grabbed the closest thing next to me and hit it in the chest; I kept doing so until it stopped moving and fell over. I turned around and was about to walk away when I heard another moan. I turned back around and saw that the corpse was getting up again, instead of waiting for it I started to stomp its head. As soon as the skull was crushed the thing stopped moving, I backed away slowly just to be sure it was really dead before walking back outside.

When I saw that the sun was setting I began thinking about a place to stay for the night, because I did not want to out in the open with those things walking about. I began wandering around, hiding a couple of times to avoid being seen by those things. By the time night had hit I was in front of the police station, which to me seemed to the safest place. Unlike every other building in the town this one had lights on inside and the doors were barricade with cars and riot shield. I went to the doors and began to remove the shields when I heard a shotgun click behind me.

“Turn around slowly.” A muffled voice ordered.

I turned around to come face to face with three people wearing gas masks; all of them had shotguns pointed at me.

“Who are you?” asked one of them.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember anything, can you tell me what is going on?” I replied.

“We ask the questions, now shut up and put your hands behind your back.” The one in the middle ordered.

I did what they told and the one on the right went behind me and put handcuffs on me.

“Hey what are you doing?”

He ignored me shoved me forward, the other grabbed my arms and began to drag me to the side of the building. There was a door there which they opened and I was led into a lit room. Inside were a couple of people, some of them seemed to be on edge about seeing me and twitched a little, but most of them just seemed tired and they ignored me.
I was dragged from this room to one of the holding cells, the cuffs were removed and I was thrown into the cell.

“Why are you locking me up?” I asked.

“We will hold you here for a few days to make sure you aren’t infected, once we are sure you aren’t you will be let free.”

“Infected with what?”

“A disease that turns you into those things outside, if you are safe you’ll be okay.”

They turned around and started to leave, I grabbed one of their jackets and asked, “What happened?”

Though I couldn’t see through the masked I felt like the they were thinking about something, after a while they responded.

“This is the end of the world.”

At that they left, leaving me alone to think about what they said.

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