Warriors Peace

March 16, 2009
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Twin girls born under the new moon, exactly on the stoke of eleven-thirty. The twins were identical with very few differences, both could be fraternal but the difference were too hard to notice, so they just called them identical. One of the twins with the blue gray eyes was called Livi, meaning peace in Latin. The other twin sibling with the plain gray eyes was named Marcella, meaning young warrior in Latin. Both Livi and Marcella beautiful under the dark dim sky, many wonder what shall the new born girls look under the bright lively sun. What more complements shall be given to the girls once seen in the light.

Many waited as the sun started to rise, the baby girls started to awake as the sun rose, both cried and shut their eyes since it was too bright for the new born eyes. They covered the window to shield the twins, and started to hush them back to sleep. As failed both were awake and confused at the new world they had arrived in. Both eyes wondered the room and curiosity had filled their faces. Everyone looked at both Livi and Marcella and started to notice a few of the differences, Livi had a tint of blue in her hair and Marcella had a tint of green. Only in the light would be most noticed. Their eyes were also different, both had blue green eyes but each had either more blue in their eyes or more green in the others. Livi with the tint of blue in her hair had the more blue in her eyes and Marcella with the tint of green in her hair had more green in her eyes. Everyone in the room cooed and giggled at the new born twins. Knowing from this both will be spoiled and will not seem to end to well.

Seven years passed and the twins have grown to never leave each other. Both loved each other so much, it was strange even for siblings to do so. Often there would be a fight between siblings, but these two didn't bicker as much as the others. Their usual play spot was on the dock near the beach. Both loved to play in the sand and make sand castles. They play competitive games as well, to see who was either the fastest in swimming or strongest in throwing. A little rivalry there but both still had fun and laughed it off in the end of the day.

During these seven years there had been debates on who would be the next queen since the last queen didn't have anymore living relatives. They then decided that one of the twins shall be a princess and when she turned twenty she would become queen. Since one of the twins would be queen and the other couldn't, they had to eliminate the other. Since both twins would never leave each other sides they would have to kill the other, so that the other would slow the other down. An idea came up and instead of having the other twin die they shall become the other twins protector. Many thought the idea was golden, but the problem still remains. Both twins were forbidden to play with each other, since one would be known as royal and the other known as low class. For this solution they will lie to the twins, drag them away for a day and convince both of them that the other is dead.

One day the mother told the girls to play with their hearts content today and they could play all day and night long. Their mother told them that they wouldn't be seeing each other much often anymore because of a new change. So they did play and when the sun was about to set, Livi got out two bottles, two pieces of paper and pens. Marcella confused at her sisters gesture just looked at her. "Lets make a wish sister" said Livi. Marcella still was confused and shook her head. Livi smiled at her and sat down, she gestured her sister to sit as well. Marcella sat down and watched her sibling. "This is was you do, write down a wish, then put it in a bottle and put the cork in it then throw the bottle to sea... Whenever the bottle returns to this shore and it is opened by you or the desired person you want to open, it will come true." Livi said and then handed Marcella paper, pen and a bottle. Marcella then smiled and nodded, "do I tell you my wish?" she asked. Livi giggled and shook her head, "you have to wait until it comes back" she said as she started to write down her wish.

As soon as both had finished with their wishes and both put them in their bottles and put the cork on the bottle. Both looked at each other and nodded. They got up and held each others hand as they walked up to the dock. Both threw their bottles in unison and watched them fall into the water and get carried away by the surf. Hands tightly wrapped around the others, heads leaned on one another and both watching the sun set and the bottle disappear. Finally two men came behind them and called them over, A man in very fancy looking clothing had called Marcella over to him, and a man in rusty armor called Livi to him. Both sisters gave a final hug and were interrupted by the pulling of both men. tearing both twins apart and unable to get a second grasp. tears had filled their eyes, Livi's blue hair had shined out and blue eyes had been spilled with tears. With all of her might to try to get out of the grasp of the man in rusty armor to get to her sister. Marcella with the green shown out as much as Livi's and tears spilling out of her eyes as much as her twins, had too tried to get out of the grasp of the fancy man, and tried to embrace her sister once again. Both twins struggled their hardest to reach other, they were only driven apart even more. The sun was almost set and their hair had almost made them look as if they weren't even related at all, but still both tried to reach other yet no luck.

Two once happy twins now sad, destiny's had been torn and driven apart from one another. Both twins think the other had died or had forgotten them, yet they both lived on with their new lives. Marcella her name known as Young warrior in Latin is in the library being lectured on royalty. While Livi known as Peace had been learning how to fight with swords and how to protect people with a shield. Both twins now unknown of one anthers existence, what shall become of the happy twins and their story...?

Eight years has passed since the separation of the twins, both have been trained in for their places. Marcella now a snotty princess who is cold hearted; Livi on the other hand, sweet and kind to others. Livi always protecting Marcella with her life no matter the situation, even if it's a stupid situation and even if it's Marcella's fault, she will still protect her. On the other hand, Marcella treats Livi as if she were garbage, she didn't care weather she was harmed or weather she was saved by her or not. Livi didn't mind though it was her duty to serve and protect the princess, even at the coast of her own life. Both usually see each other in the day and forbidden to see each other at night. Only in day light, where both once identical twins, looked nothing alike, but in the dark night they looked exactly the same.

Both once sweet girls that never left each other sides; one had only been changed into a horrible person who cares about no one but herself. Livi still the sweet person she had always been.The reason for Marcella's behavior is due to the fact that the men had told her that Livi had died drowning in the ocean. Afterward Marcella had never been the same, and she refused to talk or get close to anyone. She also refused to look in the mirror in remembrance of her twin. On the other hand Livi knows that Marcella is her twin sister, since at night she has to guard her balcony and not go in, she usually does go in to look at her sleeping sister. Even though it bugs Livi that her sister treats her horribly, she'd rather try to be there to try to make her happy rather then have her find out that she had died reviling her true identity. To her which would cause her to be more miserable.

In the morning Marcella takes a walk and Livi often follows her, Marcella often speaks but she doesn't allow Livi to speak at all. Marcella would always recite poems that were very depressing and seemed to often recite about a missing piece or mirrors. Livi understands what she was talking about, and it hurt Livi that she can't even make her smile anymore. During the afternoon when it's time for lunch, Livi serves Marcella her dishes and tries them before she lets Marcella eat, (just in case one of the cooks poisoned the food). Then afterward Marcella is off to study with her tutor. While Livi is to train her reflexes and skills. Then after the whole afternoon of hard work Marcella goes to the beach where both once played and waited there until supper, Livi too seemed to wait as well wondering what will pop out when the wave crashes on to land. Then once the sun starts to set, both head back to the castle and eat dinner then go to bed. This route is what is followed everyday and often on special occasions such as birthday parties, Holidays and special events the schedule changes.

One day on a morning walk, both girls saw a man in the garden. The man had beautiful brown hair, eyes were filled with happiness and life. His body was build but could tell he was very gentile. Livi looking at him fell in love with his looks but knew only better. Unlike Marcella who seemed to fall in love at first sight she claimed. When the man looked over at the girls, he smiled, but smiled more at Marcella since she wasn't in rust armor unlike Livi. Livi smiled even though the smile wasn't toward her, she then looked over at Marcella who smiled much greater, she seemed happy and she looked much similar to her once called sister Livi. The man walked over to Marcella, and Livi smiled at her sister's smiling face. Afterward the man had grabbed Marcella by the hand and started to talk and walk with her, Livi wanted to follow but shook her head and walked back. Livi wanted her sister to have a fun time and she wanted her to smile so much.

Livi awaited for Marcella to return to the castle with a smiling face, and she waited. Livi started to worry as it started to grow dark and she started to panic, ready to go any second to search for her. Finally a figure that had their hair messed up, their clothes ripped or not even put on fully had shown up as a shadow. It was Marcella who looked like a mess. Livi ran over to her and hugged Marcella. "What had happened?!" Livi exclaimed. Marcella only shook her head, "I killed him..." was all that she was able to voice out. Marcella then pushed Livi's arms away and started to walk back. Livi stood there blank, unable to determine what to do to this point, Marcella is in a wreck and it's all her fault.

The next day Livi was in the princess room sitting on a chair watching the princess sob and hide under the sheets. Livi silent and unspeakable to what had happened last night. Marcella's first kill in her life, and to whatever had this man had done to her sister Marcella to make her act that way. Marcella finally spoke and stood up, she looked at Livi, eyes were puffy and face was flushed. Livi couldn't even look at her, she looked away. Marcella opened her mouth and sound came out but was very raspy. Livi got up and got a glass of water. She gave it to Marcella, and she took a sip then put the galls down. "He raped me... All he wanted from me was my virginity..." Marcella said. Livi looked up at her quickly and eyes were filled with tears. Livi felt as if it were all her fault for not being there to protect her sister, she felt so horrible.

Both ignored what had happen for only three days, then people started to panic, turns out the man that Marcella had killed was the prince of the country that they had an alliance with. Now that the alliance had been broken, they want to kill Marcella in return of the prince's death, otherwise the kingdom would be destroyed. Many of the towns people didn't like Marcella anyways, so they choose her to be dead rather than go into war. Livi who wanted to protect her sister went to hide form the angry towns people.

As both Marcella and Livi had been hidden, Marcella wanted to make a last trip to the beach, and so they did. Marcella waited at the shore waiting for something, as well as Livi. Livi on the other hand not necessarily paying attention to the ocean but around the area where people could come. As Marcella waited she spotted a bottle, Marcella's face lit up and ran out to sea in her dress to get the bottle. Livi had turn to see Marcella already swimming, Livi was about to stop her but stopped as she saw her grab something and swim back. Livi looked at Marcella to see that she had a bottle. As she got back onto shore Marcella quickly opened it, she took out the paper. Livi looked at Marcella and only cocked her head. Marcella looked at the piece of paper and had read it more then once already, as if trying to grasp something. The note read, "I want my sister Marcella to be happy -Livi" Marcella started to cry and held the paper in her hands and crumpled it, too sad too re-read any longer. Livi then looked down to see that it was her bottle and she then looked out to the sea to see nothing. She looked down and knelt by Marcella and hugged her.

Finally after hiding for so long both ran back to the castle and both sisters held each other tightly. Still Marcella not even knowing who Livi truly was. It was final, things were getting to chaotic and it would be too hard to handle if things went on any further, a decision was made...

It was dark with the new moon out; finally the princess had came out. Many tried to grab her but she only gave them a cold stare and it still had enough effect, as if she were still in charge. She went up to the King of the now enemy country and told them that she decided to turn herself in. He nodded and told the princess that tomorrow at sun set is where her neck will meet a cold blade. The princess agreed, and they threw her in prison for her final night.

The next day as the sun was almsot ready to set they had the princess in the guillotine and ready. "Final words?" asked the minister of the enemy land, and the princess looked up, eyes were blue green but mostly blue. "only a few" she said. A smile came across her face as the sun started to set and her hair became blue. "Promise to smile and I love you my sister." At the end of her sentence the blade was dropped.

A girl in a brown cloche, eyes red and puffy from tears. Hair green and eyes green blue but more green in them. She started to cry and she shut her eyes as she remembered the last moments with her sister...

"Marcella, here! wear this and escape!" she said, as she reviled herself from her armor and gave it to Marcella, she grabbed a dress to wear. Marcella only gave a blank look as the armor was tossed to her, "but..." Marcella was interrupted by Livi, "No one will notice the difference much... besides... were twins" Livi said as she put on the dress. Marcella's eyes filled with tears and regret, for treating her sister as if she were garbage. It was final and Livi had left with a smile while Marcella tried to reach to her, to try to getting a final grasp and a final embrace of her.

Marcella stood there as the people left she then started to walk up to the guillotine and looked up at the bloody blade, "I wished that I could protect you Livi... How come you ended up protecting me..." Marcella then sobbed under the dark night sky unable to think of anything else to do, had no idea what could she do, but just sit and wait and hold the bottle that contained her sisters wish inside.

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