The Cold Ending

March 9, 2009
By Taylor Misuraca BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
Taylor Misuraca BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
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It happened on August 3, 2001. A young girl named Jenny was at home while her parents were out to dinner. That night was one she will never forget and yet a night she will never remember. As she sits in her parents’ bedroom talking to her friends and watching TV the worst night of her life is already starting to unfold. Here’s what happened to her that late night.
As she sits on the bed talking to her friends, the TV is blasting and the night being wasted away. The house phone beside her rings. Looking over at the phone the screen reads restricted. Thinking it’s a prank call from a friend she answers it.
“Hello, Hello is anyone there.”
No answer comes from the phone and she hangs up. She goes back to her night not really thinking about the call. About an hour later another call comes in again from restricted she answers again this time no voice but music in the background. She hangs up and goes down stairs. She feeds the dog and takes the trash out. As she walks back from the trash can her cell phone rings. She answers the phone only to hear a spine chilling voice say only two words,
“I’m here.”
She drops the phone and runs into the house screaming. Running up the stairs and slams her parents’ bedroom door. As she does her front door is thrown against the wall of her house and the dog begins to bark. A squeal comes from the dog and the house goes silent. She runs into the closet locking the door behind her. She hears the front door slam shut and a car drive away. She sits there terrified and in shock. After 20 minutes she unlocks the closet and slowly cracks the door. As she leans against the door to look out she hears the voice once again,
“Why are you hiding?”
He slides his face in front of hers, their eyes meeting. His face is covered by a mask but holes throughout the mask show cuts and blood splattering his face. His eyes are blood shot and he smells like rotting flesh. All he does is laugh and her blood curdles. He gets a smile across his face and then pain pierces her body. She feels warm liquid flow down her back and as she turns her head she sees a knife protruding from her back. She looks back at his face and tries to scream but he throws his hand around her mouth. Throwing the door open the knife slams deeper into her body.
“Hope you’re not uncomfortable”, he says as he removes the knife.
As he grabs her she screams with all her might.
“Don’t bother screaming it’s already over.”
Blood stains the carpet as he drags her unconscious body to the stairs. Taking a knife from his pocket he cuts open her shirt and then slices her body in half from head to toe. Blood spatters his clothes and the walls around them are covered in blood. He removes a lighter from his pants and cuts a hole in the bottom. Dripping the fuel over her body he looks at the house around him. He takes a match, lights it and drops it on her body. Immediately her body bursts into flames. Walking into her parents’ room he takes the house phone and calls her parents. Jenny’s mother answers the phone and the man describes each event to her in great detail. Her mother begins to cry and he just laughs and hangs up. He rips the telephone wire from the wall and walks over to her body. Lifting her charred body he strings the wire up through her throat and wraps the cord around her throat. Grabbing the cord he pulls her body across the floor to the balcony outside her parents’ window. He ties the cord to the top of the balcony railing and lifts her body over the edge. Police cars all already are arriving from every direction and he just eyes the men as they get out of their cars.
“What do you want with me, so I had a little fun with the girl?”
The men see the girl and onlookers begin to cry. “So she’s a little beat up, you should be able to fix her up.” He says as he reaches down and yanks out her heart. Blood drips from her body onto the police as they rush in to arrest him.
“I will not be taken”, he screams as police come rushing into the room behind him.
“Sir you are under arrest for murder.”
“Am I now, well that just won’t do”, “you see I’ve been to prison before and I don’t really like it.” He says in a high pitched crackling voice.
He backs toward the railing and repeats these last word,
“You don’t have to scream it’s already over.”
Then he falls, throwing himself backward over the railing. A loud crack is heard as his body hits the ground and blood begins to pool around him. Police rush over and flip his dead carcass around. His knife is stuck in his gut and his eyes are wide and a sly smile covers his face. Jenny’s body over head starts to fall as the wire rips threw her throat. Her body crashes on top of his body, her body dead on top of him as her parents arrive and see for the last time their daughter in one piece. Just as all think it’s over the house bursts into flames and burning pieces fly everywhere. The two bodies catch fire and begin to burn brightly. Her mother cries as the house burns bright in the dark cold night.

What a life, what a death, what a cold end.

The author's comments:
This is my fourth story that I've written each of them a horror story and most of my friends think I'm going to grow up to be a physco killer one day but these stories are just out of my imagination.

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Stephenmcrey said...
on Apr. 6 2009 at 9:35 pm
That was good.

Could you check this out to give me feedback?


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