Blurry faces

November 14, 2017
By Akiriues SILVER, Wellington, Colorado, Colorado
Akiriues SILVER, Wellington, Colorado, Colorado
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My braided faded blue hair slowly falls out, the wind unleashes strands at a time. My cloudy blue eyes, blank with no recollection of the past 19 years. My lip, upturned into a knowing smirk. A slashed X scarring my face, located at the outer corner of my jawline. A leather jacket hangs loosely around my shoulders, not offering much warmth. As a fresh gush of wind knocks into me, I feel myself reel forward. My steel-toed boots scuffle against the ground as I try to regain my balance. The ledge comes leering close, as I look at it. Gazing down, into the depths of the streets I’ve walked countless times before.
I feel my weight press me forward. My heart thumps. Adrenaline pulses through my veins. The sky overhead, a rumbling deep gray, angrily clapping. I look upwards, feeling the first drops of water. Though not sure if it's from the sky or my eyes, I close my eyes. Leaning forward, feeling my heart thump to my throat as gravity grabs a hold of my chest. Falling. Falling. The wind screams into my ears, screeching and filling my head with the whistle of its cry.  The ground appears closer every millisecond, my arms stretch out to grasp anything but get pushed by the pressure of the air. The rain patters, filling my head with the last scene. Rain falling all around me in slow motion, piercing my clothes and everything around me. I stare down there, at the people with blurry faces. Then my world goes blank.

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