If I Were Mayor

November 14, 2017
By enette31 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
enette31 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Safe, polite, and hard-working are all qualities of people who make up a successful county. Communicative, helpful, and dedicated are all qualities of a successful mayor. I find it very important that issues including gun and school violence, volunteer hours, and the decrease number of jobs in Waukesha County are resolved as soon as possible. With that being said, as mayor of Waukesha county, I will strive to make the community the safest in Wisconsin; the most polite; and a place with the most jobs.
Safety is a major concern not only in the Waukesha county, but all around the world. Being the first problem I will address as mayor, safety will be enforced. To eliminate school break-ins and shootings, it will be necessary for the school to have secured doors that only unlock with the proper key, but staying open when students are supposed to enter (ex: one hour before school and one houur after school). Every other three months, a mandatory drill will take place in elementary, middle, and high schools to provide assurance to the students, faculty, and parents that everyone will be safe in the case of an intruder at the school. As far as the use of guns, conceal and carry is legal in the state of Wisconsin to anyone who has a permit and is over the age of 18 years old. To ensure safety stores that sell guns in Waukesha County will be required to make buyers fill out a questionnaire asking why they want to buy a gun before selling them. If the seller were to have a reason as to why the person should not own a gun, they will not be allowed to sell it to them, no matter the circumstances. Safety needs to be our number one priority because lives are being lost each day, with death records increasing by roughly 1,000 people each year in the state of Wisconsin.
A community cannot be successful without polite people. There are places in Waukesha County that provide help to people, animals, and the environment. My goal, if I become mayor, will be to out-produce the most amount of volunteer hours than any other county in Wisconsin.  A way to increase the amount of hours that people help serve in the community is to offer incentives. An example of an incentive could be to have a certain weekend dedicated to a certain foundation, and anyone who volunteers for at least one hour can help themselves to cookies, coffee, and soda provided by donations to the community. This incentive will lead more people to want to help others, ultimately leading to much more service hours and a happier community.
When talking about my community, I want to be proud of where I live. I want people to be friendly and I want people in my community to have jobs. Having a job is a major concern to me because I believe that jobs provide responsibility and productivity. Unless someone is unable to work, it is crucial that they find a job so they can make some sort of salary. To make Waukesha county succesfull, everyone who lives within the boundaries must obtain some sort of job. To do this, I will inform people who are able to work, but don't want to, that they will not receive anything from the government until they put forth some sort of effort into helping themselves. I don’t want the community to be known as run down with people who don’t work, but instead, a place where people take care of the environment and take responsibilities seriously. If I am elected as mayor, I will be sure to make Waukesha County a prime place to live, where everyone will have the chance to live a successful life.
I, Emily Nettesheim, will be communicative; helpful, and dedicated to making Waukesha County thrive as I address the issues of gun violence, volunteer hours, and the decreasing number of workers. As mayor, I will limit the amount of school shootings by making sure all doors stay locked during school hours and I will limit the amount of gun violence by requiring stores that sell guns to evaluate the buyer before selling it.  I will require a certain amount of service hours of each family that lives in Waukesha County. Finally, I will create a rule that anyone who does not want to work and physically can work will not receive any sort of help from the government until the person puts forth effort to contribute to society. With that all being said, If I become mayor, I can assure you that Waukesha County will become the safest county in Wisconsin, while having the most amount of service hours in Wisconsin and have the most jobs of all counties in Wisconsin.

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