October 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Stress free, relaxed, and serene.  This is the life of the laziest man alive.  Having a dream of never working is one thing, but the dream becoming a reality is another.  Growing up as a kid I was often asked by elders what my dreams were of my life when I was older.  Of course, in typical eight-year-old fashion I often replied with the signature full body shrug or a generic answer to get people off my back.  Usually it worked, but as I began to grow older and wiser, I began to realize how significant this question was.
Through countless experiences of enduring painful days at school, I began to realize that the greatest gift in life did not come in money or fame, but rather in not having to work whatsoever.  I finally understood my purpose in life and what I truly wanted; to never work a day in my life.  Day after day the dream grew and started to control my thoughts and life.  It became an aspiration that I longed for and I started to idolize.  Although the dream was impossible it was a dream nonetheless and it could not be destroyed.
Having a life of no work is like heaven.  There is simply no other thing in life that is  better than the gift.  Growing up, children around me would often profess that they would become a professional baseball player.  I wasn’t like most children and I decided to take the easy route and not be anything when I get older in the literal sense.  Although my dream varies with others drastically, my dream is guaranteed to ensure happiness for life.  A life full of an infinitely long weekend, no stress, and uninterrupted sleep cannot be beaten. Waking up to the sweet smell of no pressure, having no more exhausted looking bags under my eyes, and finally being able to sink into the soft silky sheets of a worn bed before 10 o’clock only touches on the surface as to why never working would be the most rewarding benefit.  Having this dream come true would be paradise, and life as I knew it would be changed forever.  An entire feeling of stress and worry would be gone forever and my life would evolve into something completely different.  Physically my body would improve and emotionally I would finally achieve nirvana. No longer would I possess my many negative traits as it would be purged out of my life by the lack of weight carrying me down.
Although some may argue that having a life of no work could be boring and a life without purpose, I would still be able to maintain a life full of adventure and purpose without the unnecessary factor of having to work and suffer.  Alexander Graham Bell is known for saying, “When one door closes, another opens…” and the saying is clearly applicable to my dream of no struggling.  Although my life full of work would be over, my new life full of exotic adventures and newfound hobbies would excite me so much more than before that there would be no gaping hole in my style of living.  My newfound hobby would allow me to occupy my time while giving it purpose.
         The dream of living a stress free life full of excitement, purpose, and no work, clearly shows how it has no consequences and how life would be changed forever for the better.  All torment and pain induced from the bloodsucking, heart wrenching, sleep depriving, no good job would be reduced to extinction and only positive things would come from the new habits.  Dreams can become reality and reality can change life, and I believe I can never work a day in my life if I pray hard enough and believe that the dream will come to fruition.   My troubles as I know it would be gone and almost all of my worries and struggles would be consumed by the power of not working.  Surely, my dream will become a reality.

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