The Woman With Wandering Eyes

October 29, 2017
By Anonymous

The gentle breeze howled and brushed against my cheeks, and the humid summer air was thick and made it hard to breath. I look out upon the horizon. The little red barn sat upon the dead grass and the horrid smell of animals wafted in the air, although the smell didn’t phase me after countless years of being exposed to it. I live on a ranch with my husband, but not really. He’s constantly working and if I even dare leave the house he suspects i’m cheatin’, but not like I care. I could’ve acted, I could’ve been in plays and had it all laid out for me. My stupid self married Curley and now i’m stuck on this ugly ranch. My dream shattered, and my heart crushed. What do I get? Instead I got a stubborn, jealous husband who I don’t even like none. I got the endless shrieks and squeals of the animals wakin’ me up way before the sun even be risin’. I got these filthy men working at the ranch, who won’t even look at me let alone talk.
Them men be callin’ me filthy names like jailbait and tart. I ain’t want no harm, honest. I just want a friend, and a person I can talk to. Is that too much to ask? One morning, two new men appeared at the ranch. One was big; built strong, and the other was small and thin.
One day I was walking around the ranch, when I came across a light on in the barn. Everyone else had gone to town so I thought, why not take a peek? In there lay that big, strange man. I was curious so I walked on in.
“Hey there” I smiled.
The man stared me blank in the eye. “George said I no talk to you.”
I laughed under my breath.  “Of course he did. You see I ain’t want no trouble. I just wanna talk.”
The man got up and slowly backed away.
“So-uh, what ya got there in the hay?” I kneeled down and began to searching through it.
My face froze as I caught a glimpse of the dead puppy laying motionless in the hay. I looked up at the big man, puzzled.
He became uncomfortable, “I be pettin’ him to hard. I didn’t mean no harm, honest. Please no say anything to George, he won’t let me tend them rabbits”
“Now, of course you didn’t mean no harm. We can getcha another one of Slim’s pups if ya’d like, it ain’t a big deal.”
I smiled to myself at the fact that I was actually having a conversation with another person. I smoothened out my skirt with my hands and sat beside the man.
I began to do what I do best; talk about myself. I went on and on about my potential in acting and how life could’ve been so much different and so much better. The big fella looked at me all crazy and seemed to have no idea what I was saying.
“Are you even listening” I snarled.
He answered with something about those rabbits. I rolled my eyes and continued.
Out of nowhere… “I like soft things” said the man as he reached for my hair. I have to admit my hair was pretty soft.
I smiled as he stroked my long black hair. Again and again he put his fingers through my long, silky hair.
“Alright, that’s enough” I said,  growing impatient. He grabbed my hair tighter as I tried to squirm away.
“Don’t do this” he screamed at me. He started yanking my hair and throwing me around like a rag doll. He pulled my hair and shook me with such vigorous force. I thought it was going to be the day I died. I screamed and he covered my mouth
“...the rabbits, don’t scream. I ain’t wanna hurt you, honest.”
I finally wiggled free and my beat up body ran as fast as I could out of that barn, as far away from that psychotic man as I could get.
As I ran out of the barn I shouted, “Curley’s gonna get you real good.”
That was the last time I’d seen that big man on the ranch.

The author's comments:

This piece is written in the perspective of Curley's Wife from the novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck. 

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