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October 29, 2017
By maurice88u1 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
maurice88u1 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Never give up you can do it -Ebenezer addei

It’s 5 O’Clock in the morning, the sun was down the air was cold I was ready to attack the day.I owned a Store well it was my in my father's name, but still, it was my store.It was an Apple store 2.0 version that sold only iPhone 5s and below.I had my own religion that goes by the name “Davidism” at first to evade paying taxes, but I have fallen in love with it.There was one member of Davidism, his name well Gamertag is Vicky 13.A weird curly haired kid full of hormones.

We both games, I played HALO and he played Minecraft we sometimes played each other.There was a Halo tournament that I was planning to attend was about to start soon.I brought my prep crew along which was Sam pump, Vicky 13, Heiwee.Sam was mostly for motivation and his little pump music, Heiwee for cleaning and wisdom.Vicky 13 was my Main support, he brought me G fuel by Keemstar.

I arrived at the KU HTOO CONVENTION CENTER owned by Heiwee’s cousin KU HTOO.We got the best of treatment, I sat down in my reserved spot that read “DAVID GONZALEZ-HALO”.I looked around and saw my competition I was scared but then I realized I had thousands of hours spent playing Halo.I adjusted my seat to the 5’4 setting, I adjusted my monitor and I brought my own controller, a jacked up green controller from Walmart with extended joysticks.I added leads to my Green shoes and I Dyed my Hair green, it was a tradition since when I was in 8th grade I won my first Halo tournament with My hair dyed green it was Saint Patrick's day.

The tournament had started we were playing on the Timberland map free for all.I was sweating as Vicky 13 wiped the sweat out my face with his towel, it started off with 20 players 15 died it was down to us 5.Then out of nowhere someone hit me with her energy sword and I had died.I was so mad now if I lost the tournament the next round I'm out, all the hours for nothing.The next tournament had started it was 4v4 and since I had no gaming team I had to use my crew.Vicky 13, Sam, Heiwee have no experience with Halo.Victor played we me sometimes but he was nowhere near my level.I was carrying the team on my back we were losing badly I was the only one getting kills for our team.We lost I was so mad I threw my Green controller at Heiwee I called him “useless” because he didn't know how to aim.

I was walking home with Vicky 13 since we live close to each other, I was regretting what I said to Heiwee, I was angry a the moment an well I knew karma will eventually catch up to me.As I drooped Vicky 13 off we noticed a dark cloud in the air smelled like smoke.I heard sirens near my apartment, there were multiple firetrucks going in that direction.I approached my Apartments.

I was in Shock karma had gotten me back my apartments were on fire, I wanted to cry I had all my possessions in there.The firefighter tried to keep me back he instructed me to stand back.I was in tears my Parents left to the rainforest for a no-tech retreat for 6 months…i started to shed tears my life was falling apart.I was asked to answer a few questions, they asked if I had anywhere else I could stay at I said:”I have no other family but I'll ask my friends”.I said this with a lot of tears, I called all my 3 friends but then remember Sam and Victor live together and they have a vacation to visit family in Kentucky.I called No one answered I was hoping they could leave me a key while they were gone.I called Heiwee and asked but he replied with “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? William Shakespeare”.Then he hung up, I had nowhere to stay I informed the officer he gave me some pamphlets for shelters.

I guess I was homeless I had no Friends my actions have gotten the best of me if I didn't blow up on  Heiwee, I could have has a roof over my head.I was walking the street realizing that I'm homeless now I still had my store I could go sleep there I thought so I went and slept on the iPhone 5c repair counter.

I woke up wiping my eyes from the tears, I heard a knocking on the door it was a guy in a suit he had a folder of some sort.I opened and he said,” Are you Barry vera” that was my father's name the store was in his name.I replied with no that's my dad, he then said our store is going to be taken away.A crew was going to come in and take all of the stuff they caught onto Our Religion scam and now we have to pay the price.I officially realized that now I have nowhere to live with until another 6 months when my parents come back or 1 year when Vicky 13 comes back.

I was wandering around the street as I started to overthink.I was hungry and cold the IRS shut down my bank accounts it was cool though since I was in debt anyways.I'm such a bozo, I should have just apologized to Heiwee and this would have metaphorically never happened.I was left with just my thoughts wandering the streets.

It has been 2 months prior to my recent downfall, I was living well sleeping behind a Sonic near a rusted old dumpster.I was wearing my Halo shirt that I had since 2015, an old smelly shirt that was better of in the dumpster.At this point of my life, my mindset had changed, I was oppressed my sensible sense of humor had been gone and was replaced with misery and despair.My thoughts had caught up with me I finally felt for homeless people and their struggles, I was constantly being harassed and oppressed my opinion was less than the average citizen all because of Karma.My rib cage showed my stomach constantly growled, my personal hygiene was horrible.I was constantly leaving of scraps of food, people ignored me constantly I barely panhandled any money around 10 per day at best.

I felt useless my life was dramatically changed in 2 months, I had seen a new lifestyle one that I often overlooked I was now alone with my thoughts.I needed food, medical attention, a shelter but what I really wanted was having someone to talk to, being out here I didn't have a chance to socialize it was a game of survival.I always told myself “things will get better” but in reality, i haven't seen any new changes my life was a total wreck.I haven't heard from my parents I haven't heard from any of my friends which really made me question were they really my friends?

My thoughts my ideas my ideology were all questioned on my walk, my walk of shame people saw me and often moved out of the way as I approached their direction.Made me think am I really this bad am I worth anything, being homeless changed me forever.I approached a bridge over thinking about all my life decisions and in the end, the only things we regret are the choices we didn't make.Was this it will I jump and get it over with.

As I was about to jump, I felt a muscular gentle hand grave me.The handsome stranger said, “My brother there is no need to jump, I shall help you”.Who was this man?Why was he helping me?He told me “There is no need to jump, you are a great person that just happened to experience a bad chapter”These words truly inspired me I hugged this stranger, he whispered in my ear “Come with me faith shall guide us”.I was going inside his car it was a really nice Mercedes, this guy obviously had money I was very honored to be in his presence.

As we approached his house, I realized how big it was, he owned a mansion I found this so odd seeing as how the rich don’t tend to the poor.As we got inside it was huge his house smelled really nice, it was white with a spiral staircase and a 12-foot curved sofa.We sat down and he was talking to me about what he did for a living, he explained to me that he was a famous musician he played the piano, very well as I heard his concerts.I asked him “Why would a famous wealthy man like yourself help me you have it all” HE simply replied with”The true wealth is the action of helping others I shall not be Ebenezer without kindness”.He insisted I stay at his place seeing as how he had plenty of space his wife Sally approved she was also very kind.

As the months went on my life went from middle class to rags to riches.I had a six figure job on Ebenezer's piano management crew I was truly grateful.The only thing Ebenezer asked of me was to pay it forward, he gave me the true wealth, not the money but my new mindset.He had converted me from my made up religion”Davidism” to Christianity.I got in touch with Vicky 13 and Sam, not Heiwee even though I asked for forgiveness to him.AS I spoke to Vicky 13 in telling him about Davidism, and how it was made up in order to avoid paying taxes.He was furious he said he put his faith in Davidism to guide him through life Davidism was mostly copied and pasted from multiple religions in order to seem more real.

I got in my Tesla and I went to the airport to pick up my parents today was when they return I have a lot of explaining to do about what had happened.By this time I reached my 18 birthday while being homeless so I really didn't need them to advance anymore.I went inside in my custom slim fit suit by ZARA Ebenezer's favorite brand.I ran to hug my parents shedding some tears they were in shock seeing me dressed like this.I Brought them to My living area on Ebenezer's mansion, I explained to them what had happened.They had multiple questions mainly a lot of shocks.Very Long story short I basically explained
To them what had happened while they were gone, I decided to lease them a new apartment Ebenezer would have been proud if he was home.

As the day progressed I went to my home after spending the day setting my parents up in their new apartment, I saw a door open which was strange soi just locked it, I thought Ebenezer had come home.I spent my time resolving my Sins I sent an apologie poem to Heiwee since he was still saddened by my actions.I donated to a few homeless shelters, seeing as how my personal experience and Ebenezer's advice had changed my mindset forever.All I really needed was someone in my life, which is what Ebenezer did he provided me with a safe space and a good economic status which I will forever be grateful for.I lied in Bed thinking about my story and how crazy it was thinking about it if Ebenezer didn't come into my life who knows what would have happened.I feel asleep to the thought of my journey.

As I woke up, I saw a figure in my room sitting on my chair I quickly become awoken.”Bonjour David” it was Vicky 13… how did he get in?Oh yeah, the door he spoke to me and said “ David, David, David” I replied with what do you want “ he said Revenge ”.He was about to shoot me but he missed someone pushed him out of the way.It was Heiwee what was he doing here but that was a question for another time, I quickly rang security and the cops.Vicky 13 was arrested and Heiwee was a hero but when questioned about it he said”Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them.-Bruce Lee”

That was the last I heard from my old friend group, my life was truly a pathological ironic chain reaction...Oh well, i still got The new Halo to look forward to.

The author's comments:

Many grammatical errors.Weird climax and development of events.

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