Fred The Penguin

October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Fred the Penguin was only about two years old at the time. Around the age of two is about when penguins start branching away from their moms and start looking for a mate. Fred was very worried about this because in school he was not the most athletic and good looking penguin. In high school all of the other penguins had yellow and orange necks that were very bright, Fred’s neck was dull. Fred never had a girlfriend before either so he was very nervous about talking to a girl penguin. On October 10th he started his journey looking for penguin he could marry. Fred wanted to find a girl before January 1st because it gets really cold and he would die if he was alone in Antarctica. We was walking for 5 days now and reached his first stop, The Cove. The Cove is a fun place for young penguins like Fred, there are a lot of girls there checking out the guys when they dive of the cliff. At the Cove men usually win girls by bringing them the biggest fish. Fred was worried about this challenge because he was not the best swimmer, Fred was smart though so he decided to devise a plan to win a girl over. Fred had a plan that he would make a fish trap to catch the most fish and give to the hottest penguin their. It took him 4 days to build his trap, he made a net out of so fishing line he found from humans and rope. He went into The Cove with his trap and all of the other penguins laughed at him. He kept walking and jumped into the water with his net, Fred found a cavern full of fish, it was the perfect place for his net. He attached it to the sides of the cavern entrance with some rusty nails he found on the ocean floor. He climbed back out of the water and waited for his trap to work. He waited until 9 o’clock that night and went down to check the trap. He was amazed by how many fish were in the trap. He dragged the trap up onto the shore and all of the other penguins were shocked. A bunch of pretty penguins came up to him asking for his love but he politely declined. He dragged all the way over to this lovely looking penguin that wasn’t the hottest but to Fred she was. She was shocked that Fred went to her and not the other penguins. Fred asked for her name, She said “My name is Stella”. Fred loved that name and asked if she wanted the fish, she said yes. After that night they started their journey back to the colony. It took them four days to make it back but they loved every second of it. They found their way back and Fred went to show Stella to his parents, Fred’s parents were shocked that Fred found a girl. The next week Fred and Stella got married. Fred and Stella eventually had two kids and lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:

Some people might not be the best looking or the most athletic. Fred is like that but he makes what he has work.

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