March 7, 2009
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He's been the type to want to move beyond what everything limits him. When he was a baby he was already crawling while the other babies had just learned to turn over. He could walk perfectly by the age of one year. He was smart everyone could see that, but mostly everyone saw he was reckless.

His need to do something shocking or daring followed in a wake of worried parents and broken friendships. Although most people were drawn to him his carefree attitude and push for more scared most people. The more people he pushed away with his actions the harder he pushed himself to shock.

His parents were very unsure about whether or not he should be allowed to have his licence when the time came. Arguments about the matter ensued every night. Hours upon hours of reasons why he should and how responsible he would be. His mother cried often because she knew if he continued with his need for this adreline rush that his life wouldn't last.

When he did get his licence he always wanted to be driving. He'd spend weekends in the car going up and down Adison Drive. Hugging the turns, pushing the car to it's limits. Although he was reckless with speed he was always cautious. He never got into any accidents.

The night that everything happened his parents had spent all day arguing with him. With his nerves on edge he decided to drive. He wasn't sure where he'd go or how long he'd be he just knew he wanted out.

The keys were in the ignition his mind was somewhere else. He backed out of the driveway and began his journey. He started slow barely grazing the gas peddle, but as the moments passed and he thought about everything he pushed it harder.

Before he even had a chance to think the car was spinning out of control. The steering wheel pushed hard into his chest and he felt a release of every emotion in his body. The car hit into the tree collapsing under the pressure. He was killed instently.

When the police arrived at his home his parents were sitting in the living room. They had spent the whole night pacing and trying to get a hold of him. The officer explained what happened and apologized for the family's loss. No words were spoken, but the weight off the situation collapsed upon them.

They say on a good day his smile could light up an entire room. Most people often wonder if he ever felt a fill or did he spend his entire life trying to feed an empty void. If only he could have seen to be alive was the greatest adreline rush he would ever feel.

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