Stranger Danger

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Stranger Danger
I never thought I would ever be in a situation like this one. Terrible and frightening. It’s late evening, after an exciting day at my friend’s birthday party at Lakeside Park. I look at Jess, and then at Sue. We three sprint off while the parents talk. “Lizzie! Don’t go too far.!” My dad commands in a loud voice. “I won’t!” I answer back. “Can we take Jolly for a walk?” pleads Jess. Jolly is Sue’s dog, with fur as white as vanilla ice cream. “Fine. Try not to run though, she goes crazy.” answers Sue. I laugh, because I know exactly what Jess is going to do. Run! We have so much fun, that we don’t realize our parents are far behind.
          As we approach a small hill, I see something in the distance. It’s a man! He is laying down, and is dressed in complete black, blending in completely with the evening shadows and the dark patches of grass around him. He looks in his early 20s, and seems to be tracking our every move, which scares me more. I stop in my tracks, and prevent myself from running back. Both of my friends don’t notice him, but I know what I see. I can feel my heart drop as I spot a sharp object in his hand. I call Sue back slowly, but Jess is still trotting with the dog. She moves closer and closer to the person, as we try desperately to bring her back. She finally stops and turns. “What?” she says loud and curious. “Be quiet and look behind you slowly.” I whisper worriedly. “Why?” Jess asks, but she sees our faces and doesn’t complain. We all look at him, and he stares back with . . . big . . . shiny  . . . eyes.

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