Where a Life Goes

April 1, 2009
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I wonder where my life will go as I sit here in the dark and damp room, a prisoner in my own home, trapped in my basement until the monster I felt I deserved waited up a few feet above me, trying to hunt me down. If only my life would go back to the way it was a few hours earlier. Be like in the movies where the heroine flashed back to earlier in her life and found the strength to defeat the evil she was up against. I was no heroine though. In my mind I was the villain.

I walked back through the streets after yet another painfully long day of school. I turned the corner on to my street thinking about my miserable life. Some how though my mind kept seem to wander back to him. The way he held me in his arms and the way that he always seemed to know what I was feeling. I wished he were here holding me again, stroking my long brunette hair, saying I was his beautiful singing bird. How the summer seemed to pass away so quickly when I was with him.

I had decided to go to our spot with-out really even realizing that I had walked by my house. I had already lost myself in my thoughts, not aware of my surroundings more than just the reason that my hair had created a thin curtain blocking my view from the horrible memories of the cruel and hurtful place around me.

I had just walked out of the city to the meadow me and James had sat down in less than a week before. I collapsed down on the soft green grass as I suddenly broke down, the memories too heavy for my skinny little abused thirteen year old body to carry any longer. Those memories were like pouring salt in the fresh wound James had created through my heart. I walked back to my house. If my eyes hadn’t been so blurry and my mind so occupied I would have made sure that my abusive father wasn’t home like I normally did I would have noticed his car. I didn’t though, and so I put myself in this fatal position.

When I first walked into my own home I noticed the eerie silence, then the smell hit me. My own home reeked of booze. I was frightened, thinking it was my father drinking again, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I tried very quietly to walk up to my room. I wasn’t quiet enough though, because he heard me.

I saw a shadow dash across the wall from me, as I listened to feet run on our polished wood floors, but those feet and shadows didn’t belong to my parents, it was a whole new evil I never knew existed. As the shadow neared, I was intrigued and I moved closer. Around the corner a man dressed in all black with a ski mask over his head and a black gun in his hand to match found his way to me.

“There you are my sweet. I’ve been waiting for you,” the man grumbled with a sly smile that chilled me down to my very heart. I sensed an aura of vileness emitting from this man, one that was more powerful than I had ever felt.

“Who are you?” I questioned slowly backing away towards the door. He answered with actions, lunging toward me knowing I was trying to escape. I ran right towards him desperately and ducked under his massive arms. I ran straight up the stairs hoping to lose him there. My actions were useless though as he was right behind me, close enough for me to hear his stamping feet. I did a quick U-turn and once again ducked under his arms.

I pumped my legs as fast as I could, putting more and more distance between us. I lunged for the basement door falling down the stairs as I realized my mistake. He didn’t notice where I had gone though and I listened to his heavy feet storm around my house. I rubbed my now bruised head angrily but quickly sobering as I pondered my situation. The noise had stopped upstairs and I perked up my ears. So suddenly that I had no time to react, a hand burst through the ceiling into the basement right above me. I let out a blood curdling scream that I was sure the universe heard me and that is where it ends…

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