April 1, 2009
By __Sky BRONZE, Kamloops, Other
__Sky BRONZE, Kamloops, Other
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The cool crisp wind hit her face hard, but on this particular morning she found it more peaceful then dreadful. She noticed the ground had started to soften and the grass had started peeking through the mounds of dirt covered snow along the dirty sidewalks. She continued on her way noticing the smaller details of how great the mornings really were.

The sun shining trying to peak over the tree's with all of it's brute force finally breaks free to show you his shining face. Just to come and brighten your day and bring light to it for you to find your way. The path is lit by his bright smile as you walk along the trail that will lead you to the place you're not quite sure what to call. As you walk down the path you realize it's coming to an end and as you step into the bright light you find yourself in a field. This field has the most beautiful of flowers and the most spectacular view you would only find in your dreams. The most remarkable sight is right in front of you and your immediate reaction is the stream of glittering tears gliding down your cheeks. The sun shines off the lake from down below the mountainside that you have come to just to remind you that today is going to be beautiful. As you approach the steep mountain side you stop to enjoy the wondrous beauty that the world is making right in front of your eyes. The meadow's wheat is flowing gently in the breeze with a slight shimmer from the suns luminous smile. There are a herd of wild horses grazing lazily below with no signs of fear or knowledge that you are present. The bear off to your right is basking with it's cub in the morning light, preparing for the full day of salmon fishing at the river you can hear running swiftly across the way. The wind smells sweet as if there were perfume of the finest lady in England there standing there next to you as you inhale deeply. The hint of passion is in the air with the slightest touch of lust in the most vibrant colors you can think of. As the sun starts over head you notice the sparkling droplets of dew on the freshly awoken grass, and think of the tears running down your face. You find an appropriately sized rock for you to rest on while the grass dries. The sun over head is warming your skin to the most perfect temperature that the crisp cool air doesn't even bother you. The clouds to the east are turning a dark murky Grey color, though the thought of rain only picks up your spirits as to revive you from the long winter with no humidity in the air. As you think of the warm luxurious heat that will come in the following summer you want to take hold of the rain and keep the moisture all summer long. The though of sitting on the beach in front of the lake during the heat of summer takes your mind somewhere else. The humidity is suddenly gone and the heat in the air chokes the air from your throat. Luckily you lived here once before so it is all a past experience. The leaves smell burnt in the light of the luminous sun and the rocks beneath your feet are like simmering coals of a forest fire that happened the night before. the thought of destruction passes through your mind but very quickly passes, and the thought of new grown trees and shrubs, wildlife straying to and fro close enough for you to touch and feel with your own hands. The temptation is a small cry telling you to turn away from the opportunity. The feelings of must flow through your veins and coarse through your body until you feel your own heart beat. As you open your eyes, you are back in the meadow and the grass is dry, the horses and sought out shade and the bears who were once there must have retreated to the icy waters of the river abroad. As you lay your jacket down as a pillow you lay on the grass and watch the clouds roll by in all shapes and forms. They swoosh back and forth, to and fro collecting every particle of moisture they can just to let them go once they hit the mountains. The moisture is building and you head back through the path you once came. While in the forest you hear musical notes of dips and drops and realize that it has begun raining. The sky is crying in wonderful sounds of beauty as you look through the forest you see animals taking shelter under leaves and in trees. You take your time soaking in the beauty of this forest deep within your mind and you finally get back to the place you first left.

She comes to her senses and realizes that the sun is now starting to set and that the rain has not yet hid the suns rays or shining light behind them. The colors that paint the sky could not be captured by any camera painting or video. The most beautiful colors like she would find in her wildest dreams and closest encounters with love appear right in front of her eyes. The ragingly beautiful red pours out of the clouds in buckets, they mix together with the flamingo pinks that already splashed up against the clouds along with the yellow beams of light the sun has painted turning spots the most outstanding orange rusty color she could only find when looking into that one person's heart. The flames of desire are the perfect colors for the sunset had found a way to her heart through the beauty of the day. As she heads into her house she is all of a sudden in the dark, The sun is just peeking through the drapes across her room struggling to get to her floor to rest upon it and light the room with the colors of the morning light. Her day has Just begun.

What made me think of this I'm not quite sure. I just knew i had to write it. there was no doubt about it. this is it.
over and out.
-As i poof into the most humongous burst of beautifully lit Chinese fireworks-

The author's comments:
Somehow I got this feeling i needed to write. I seem to be writing to a reader in general, I think subconsciously I know who it's to but right now, I have no idea.

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