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October 25, 2017
By Abram BRONZE, LA Quinta, CA, California
Abram BRONZE, LA Quinta, CA, California
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There was an 8th grade kid named, Michel who was a good, hard working student at school. He got really good grades and always did what he was supposed to do. But school time wasn’t easy for him, people were jealous, tried to pick on him and put him down. He never got into fights because his dad said,” it isn’t worth it,” also he knew it was wong. And fighting never solves problems, it only makes things worse. People also tried to call him fat, because he was kind of fat, but not really. He thought he had no friends, he had more friends than he thought. But until one day he decided, “I don’t want to be the good, quiet kid who barely has friends and is always the right handed person, and never taken seriously.” So Michel decided to try and fit in, he never tried to fit in with people, he was always his own person and that’s how he got his respect.
That day was the hardest it had ever been for him, he said all the words and catchphrases from social media. He tried to sound and act like the boys who didn’t seem like boys, they were all trying to be pretty looking and cute for girls. And he tried to buy the same clothes brand and the same types of things popular people had. He didn’t care about how he would seem to other people, he just tried too hard. After the long day of stupidity and being around candified people, he went home. Michel wasn’t himself anymore, he even started disrespecting his parents, like most bratty kids do this time of age.
Michel’s world of respect and trying to teach himself to be like a man was over. He started looking more and more candified as a person. Glossy eyes, black jackets and nice shoes that stand out, he put a hair band around his head to make his stupid hair stand up, and he smelled like he dumped a whole bottle of cologne on himself. He even started listening to the ugly music that everybody else was listening to. School became harder and harder for him, and the days passed he began to get worse by trying too hard. Most of his friends were the popular kids and even people who had their own group, but they liked him because his style changed and he was like everybody else.
Weeks, then months he was like this, and his parents were trying to tell him to go back to his own self because he doesn't look happy with his new style and with that stupid little ugly hair band. They said to him, he looked miserable, and he wouldn’t admit it, but he knew deep down in his heart he was miserable. He just didn’t want to admit he was wrong, and at some point he knew trying to fit in would end. Michel turned from a nice, gentle and easy going teenager, into an angry person and wanted to have the wrong kind of respect.The next night, which was a Saturday, he was invited to a party. He was nervous and excited but, he had a feeling inside of him that said,”You will learn a lesson if you go.”
Michel asked his parents if they could take him, but he also apologized and asked if they could forgive him for the way he had acted for the past couple of months. His parents forgave him and took him, as they pulled up to the house in some dark rich looking neighborhood, he can hear loud music and saw a bunch of cars parked. He told his parents bye and said he will call when he is ready. When Michel got out of the car, he went to the door to be invited inside. There was a bush next to the door and you can see the next door house window, and he saw a person with an angry looking face look out of the window at him, and he saw down the street, a black shadow.
He got invited inside before he can take a good look at it. And it was his friend, Gerardo who answered the door. He greeted him, and Michel followed him through the house to the backyard where everyone was. As he was walking through the house, he felt the air was thick, and if he were being followed. Michel asked Gerardo, whose house is this? My friend Daryl  who is a High School Junior. Michel thought that was weird, he had never been to a High School party before.The house looked weird and darker than a normal house.
As they got to the back he saw the kid Daryl, who was tall and looked like a goth and had on a big leather jacket, he had a sort of jockish look to him. Gerardo introduced Michel to Daryl, Daryl was nice and didn’t seem mean but he looked as though he has some bad secret. As Michel and Gerardo sat down next to some group of high school girls who kept looking at Michel and Gerardo. He did get a weird feeling about being at the party. He felt like was wasn’t supposed to be there and that, him fitting in would get you to situations like that. As it got darker and it was 8:00 P.M. , everybody gathered in a circle and started talking. Then someone brought up a creepy happening to them and assumed it was a ghost.
As people were talking about the paranormal, Michel felt uncomfortable and asked to be excused to the bathroom. As Michel was walking through the weird dark house, he felt as though something was following him. Before he went into the bathroom, there was a room with the light on and the light was bright on. And he saw a bunch of creepy things and the room was painted dark red, and he noticed the only lights on were just candles. He then went to the bathroom, and looked at himself in the mirror for the first time in a while since he changed, and he felt he was unhappy and miserable. And he finally opened his eyes and knew that who he was trying to be was wrong, and that slacking off in school and going to parties with older people who look like they were up to no good can get him into trouble.
After he took a good look at himself, he turned around and saw some angry looking guy who put his face close to Michel’s. He was just staring at him, and Michel felt like he messed up by changing to a mean angry disrespectful kid. This person he was looking at was angry and had and ugly look in his face, and he felt the energy of this person, it wasn’t his imagination. And what felt like an eternity the man was gone. And Michel wanted to go home and he called him parents. He went home, feeling scared and also felt clean, he wasn’t angry and miserable anymore. The next day, he threw out his new clothes and all the stuff that made him turn into a different person.
That Monday when he returned to school, he felt better and didn’t hang out with people who were up to no good. Michel went with his friends who were popular, but they respected him for who he was and he finally realized that. Everybody respected him and he had a lot of friends, and he got those friends from being nice and easy going. He got his grades up went back to himself. As years and went by, Michel became successful and went to Columbia University in New York, which was his dream school. And the crowd that was up to no good were either in trouble or far worse. He became a chef like he wanted and owned a five-star restaurant in New York which was his dream.
Michels experience with that ghost or spirit changed him for good and he remembered that feeling he had, maybe it was a guardian angel who wasn’t evil but helped people who needed help. He didn’t feel harm was meant to be done. But he became what he wanted and that’s all that matters. Maybe fitting in isn’t what it seems to be sometimes, or all the time.

The author's comments:

I feel like I am sometimes being treated that way Michel was in paragraph one. I would never change to fit in and be popular. I wrote this just because I thought it would be good if I did so I can put it on paper. My name is Abram not Michel

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