Soccer hopes

November 7, 2017
By Anonymous

I feel like soccer identifies who i am because when i was a boy they used to make fun of me when i used to suck. And i was always telling myself that i wouldn’t be able to make anywhere and started to even doubt myself if i should have even continue playing soccer. My hopes died so quick i didn’t even want to be in the soccer team anymore cause i thought i wasn’t good enough to be in one. I would always get bully because i had no skills or speed and stuff for a soccer player not even how to kick a ball straight.  People i played with started to tell others players to not pass the ball to me or to not even call me when they need players because of how much i sucked.  After weeks of telling myself i ain’t s*** and that i will just not play a sport and stay fat my uncle invited me to play with my cousin and i said “ i suck i don’t want to embrassed myself anymore” my uncle told me his story where he was in my boots and told me “ don’t give up so easy there still something in you that hasn’t came out”. That day i went to go play with him and the kids in the team played like me so i was like okay i can start here. Once they passed me the ball i felt a strong energy go from my brain to my feet. Some players came my way to take the ball but i did what no one thought i would have done and i touched it with my right leg and started to dribble by everyone that got in my way. As i hear from down the line my uncle screaming “ shoot, shoot the ball” and i was 5 feet from the goal i shoot the ball with all my strength and as i see it pass the goalie and hit the back of the net i was so exicted because i was did something i thought i wasn’t able of doing.

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