Bookworms Don't Swim

March 31, 2009
By Isabeau-Molly GOLD, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Isabeau-Molly GOLD, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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"When a person is lucky enough to live inside a story, to live inside an imaginary world, the pains of this world disappear. For as long as the story goes on, reality no longer exists." -Paul Auster

Cherry Hill had always been Holly’s favorite place to be during the summer months. Maybe she didn’t swim like everyone else did at the pool, but that’s because she sunk like a rock once she hit the water. She hadn’t passed any of her previous swim classes besides the one at Jefferson High School because she had a medical waiver. Holly was in the pool maybe a third of the time she should have been.
But school didn’t matter right now. Right now it was just her in this beautiful weather sitting far enough away from the pool so that her and her book wouldn’t get wet. There was a slight breeze that would run over her bare skin that was revealed from her bikini top like blades of dew.
He looked at her as if she were some sweet thing that was just out of reach. Her mama had tried to teach her that men like that, like George Alexander, but she couldn’t help but be fascinated by his blue eyes. She felt a flush run over her skin-""Hey!" Holly cried as her book was yanked from her hands. She looked up to see the culprit was none other than her boyfriend, Jamie.
"Her eyes met his and for just for a moment it sent shivers down her body-" He started to read aloud.
"Jamie!" She yelped. It wasn’t until you started reading romances aloud that they become completely and utterly ridiculous.
"But her blue eyes never wavered as he made his way to the innocent’s side." Jamie read as he ran away from Holly.
"Jamie, seriously! Give it back!" She got up from her relaxed position in her beach chair and ran after him.
Suddenly she heard the sound of a whistle and Jamie’s distant laughter when the lifeguard who was so fake baked he was orange pointed his finger at her yelling, "No running."
She gave him a mock salute and glared at Jamie’s way. He was standing right next to the pool, but now his face was serious as he picked the book up so it almost touched his nose.
"Must be a kissing scene." Holly thought to herself smugly as she walked up to a distracted tan boy with black hair and brown eyes. But his chocolate eyes raised from the book at the sound of her approaching footsteps and then he removed the book from his nose and placed her brand new book, A Gentleman’s Secret Desires right over the pool.
Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes reminded him of boiling whiskey. Her cheeks which were usually a pale color now had a red tint to them.
"His hand molded against her lower back as he pushed her closer to him-"
"James Henry Gail! I swear, you drop my book into that pool-"
"What?" He whispered as he jerked the book away from her, she was now almost standing on his feet. "Are you going to bite me," Jamie then leaned down close to Holly’s ear. "Which I kind of like the idea."
She let out a frustrated sigh as she reached for it again. Jamie pulled it away. "Give me my book back." She said calmly.
"Not until you promise to play with me."
"Play with you?"
"Yes, in the water, splashing fights, swimming contests, see how far I can throw you…"
"No, I am not getting in the water."
"Well, then you are never going to figure out how far George goes with Gabriella."
"No!" Holly shrieked. "It’s brand new, you drop it in the pool, and you get to buy me another copy."
Jamie scoffed. "I’m night going to," Then the sound of screaming children ran past him in a herd, making him lose his balance. His brown eyes grew large as he dropped the book.
"Jamie!" He had just regained his balance when he looked at Holly. It was bad.
"Hey babe,"
Holly pushed him into the pool.
Jamie came up from the water with a big gulp of air. The book floating next to him, not completely saturated. She reached down and Jamie put out his hand, but was rejected as she grabbed her now ruined book.
She glared at him as she watched him climb out of the pool. "Come here," Holly said between clenched teeth as she grabbed his now soaking wet shirt. She dragged him to the women’s changing room. "You stay here," She had the book clenched against her chest and Jamie sat down in an over exaggeration of her demand.
She just glared at him. She wasn’t in the best of humor at this point in time. She went in quickly.
Jamie watched her and didn’t understand he was waiting for her right now. What could she be so upset about? It was a cheesy romance? Just one. He had seen her bookshelves and it was piled high with books just like it.
Holly came out with a look of the book, a hair dryer, and a look of vengeance. "Come with me," She told him simply as she walked up to the life guards room. She knocked on the door.
"Hi," She said in her most charming voice. "I was wondering if I could borrow an outlet. All the ones in the ladies room are taken."
The lifeguard who looked new and young literally panted over her. "Sh-sh-sh-sure."
She patted his shoulder as she walked by to the outlet. The boy looked as if he jumped out of his skin for her. Jamie gave him a death glance as she walked by.
"Is this man bothering you, miss?" The young lifeguard asked as he puffed out his chest that was all bone and skin.
"No, he’s with me." Holly smiled at him again. "Thank you though."
Jamie snorted. "Now you," She addressed him now. She had plugged the hair dryer into the wall and gave it to him as she laid the book down on the table. "You made the mess, now attempt to fix it."
His mouth dropped for only a second. "You’ve got to be kidding me."
"I am not." She told him as she held it out and shook it trying to get him to take it.
He finally did and turned it on to high. The hot air came rushing out as it hit the pages causing them to expand.
"You really think this will fix it." Jamie said after having almost blown it all dry. The book was now about three times its original size.
"No you still owe me a new one. This is your copy now which you get to turn into the bookstore."
"My copy?!" He exclaimed as he turned off the hair dryer and put it down.
"Yes, you get to explain to the bookstore lady how you dropped your book into the pool and how you would like to buy another copy."
"I am not claiming a book entitled A Gentleman’s Secret Desires." He told her giving her back her book.
"You ever want to kiss me again, you will."
And she had him right there.
He had to go into a Barnes and Noble.
Give some person this stupid book.
And then buy a new one to please his girlfriend.
To ever get a kiss from her again.
That’s what happens when you get between a woman and her romance.
Jamie had learned a great lesson that day.

The author's comments:
This was a based on a true event. I always bring my book to the pool and when my boyfriend threatened my book, I gave him a piece of my mind.

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