The Wallflower

March 31, 2009
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High school is supposedly the best years of your life. You go on your first date, prove to your parents you are responsible, you obtain your drivers license, you have a boyfriend and of course go to prom with him, and you become a legal adult. Well, for me I am one for five. I have the responsibility part, but I haven’t accomplished many of those milestones. I’m the girl you see coming down the hall with her hands full of books and trying to dodge the people crowding the hallway. I’m the quiet girl in the back of the classroom who you never hear a peep out of. My name is Sophie Somebody and I am a junior in high school. I am your text book example of the “plain jane”.

Well, while I am your text book example of a “plain jane” to my classmates and the public. I am also famous to certain people. What most people do not know is that on the weekends I am Casey Cane; the racecar driver. I drive the number six Sprite Dodge in the SANCAR Tin Cup Series. I don’t use my real name in racing because I don’t want people to like or dislike me because I am a girl. You see, I dress up like a male while I’m at the racetrack. No one really knows that Casey Cane is really a seventeen year old girl except my parents, crew members, and my team owner. And that is why after four years of running in the Tin Cup Series I am going to tell the public about my secret. I have won eight races and seventeen poles as Casey Cane, but none as Sophie. Tomorrow I am holding a press conference after school and I am terrified about what will happen.

So right now I’m freaking out. I just finished my press conference where I was hounded by the press. The reporters kept commenting on how dumb, unprofessional, and juvenile I was for not only lying to everyone, but to continue doing the lying for four years. But what has me most worried is the SANCAR officials. To race in SANCAR you have to be at least eighteen and in the Tin Cup Series you need years of experience to even consider racing in the division. Well, not only am I underage and without the years of experience, I do not even have a license. Casey Cane, being that “he” was a legal adult, and assuming he already had his driver’s license, SANCAR provided him with the SANSCAR license. So right now, SANCAR officials are holding a meeting debating what to do with myself. I am really hoping they decide that I can keep racing, but deep down in my heart I know I will most likely not be able to race. I know that I could have kept my true identity a secret, but I am tired of being the wallflower. Maybe if I show people who Sophie really is, people will see me differently. Oh wait! Here come the officials and they really do not look really happy. Oh boy… I am not sure I am ready to hear their news.

Well I guess my career as being a race car driver is over. SANCAR has suspended me indefinitely. They say I have ruined the image of their sanction and they would not even allow me back in the sport when I do turn eighteen. The officials also said that their decision is not based on the fact that I am a girl, but merely that I am an underage girl posing as a male. A female is allowed to race in SANCAR, it is just uncommon to see one. I can’t lie; I am greatly saddened since I can not race any more, but I am also happy that I have come clean. I have spent four long years pretending to be someone I am not. On a positive note, a lot of team owners and drivers have already started to contact me saying I am a terrific driver for being such a young age; which does make me smile. Well, tomorrow at school should be interesting. I bet no one, even my best friends, saw this coming.

So the next time you see a “plain jane” just remember she could be your favorite SANCAR driver, or maybe your favorite pop star, or even a princess. Also, people are often not what they seem.

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