The lion

October 17, 2017
By Ehaneslam BRONZE, Indian Wells, California
Ehaneslam BRONZE, Indian Wells, California
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There was a boy who was told a story about an unkillable lion that was so strong that it can kill ten men with one swipe. The village elders said that the only way to kill the lion was to shoot it in the leg with an arrow. The boy decided that he was going to find the lion's cave so he could prove to the members of his tribe that he is man enough to hunt. There was one problem with finding the lion, only one person had any idea where the cave is and the only thing they knew is that the cave is north from his village.

The boy starts to prepare for his journey to the lion’s cave, a few days later he leaves. It was a long and dangerous seven day journey to the cave, but the boy had finally made it to the lion’s cave. At the entrance of the cave the boy starts to become nervous, the boy remembered the stories about the lion killing ten men with a single slash or how the only way to kill the lion was to shoot it in the leg. Finally after much thought the boy steps into the cave.

The lion was standing there like he had knew the boy  was coming. The boy knocks an arrow onto his bow and the lion gets ready to pounce. The lion makes the first move, leaping from rock to rock the boy  shoots his arrow at the lion, but the lion is so fast that the arrow misses by a long shot. The lion jumps at the boy, but the boy dodges at the last possible second avoiding the attack. The boy fires another arrow but the lion quickly dodges.

The boy finally realizes that he can’t kill the lion without the proper training, so he decides that he is going to go to a nearby village and ask their elders to teach him how to kill the lion. The boy realizes that  it would be hard to escape the lion's cave since the lion was blocking the exit. The  boy goes into the shadows of the cave to make the lion look for him, when the lion was out of the boy’s way the boy ran out the exit and ran to the village nearby.

The elders taught the boy how to kill the lion. When the boy returned to the lion’s cave the lion looked like it is asleep, the boy knocks an arrow and shoots it at the lion’s leg. But the lion wasn’t asleep and dodged the attack, then the lion take a giant leap and slashes at the boy and kills the boy. Never face an unkillable lion alone.

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