Rain Cookies

March 30, 2009
By Charis Redmond BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
Charis Redmond BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
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One day a little boy sat quietly in a window seat staring sadly at the scene before him. Everywhere he looked there was water falling relentlessly from the sky. He sighed miserably and shut his eyes, hoping it would all go away. The continuous sound of water dripping told him it was still there. It was still raining.
Remo (that was the boy’s name) sighed again and jumped down from the window. He trudged over to where his older sister, Rena, sat curled up with a book. Remo could not read so such entertainment he was denied. He groaned loudly to get Rena’s attention. There was no response. He groaned again, louder. There was still no response. He walked over and angrily yanked the book from her hand.
“Remo!” she wined at him and reached for her book, “Give that back.”
“No”, he answered, moving it out of her reach, “Not unless you read to me.”
“Oh, but Remo, it’s such a boring book. Besides, you wouldn’t understand it.”, said his sister in her calmest, most convincing voice.
“Yes, I would, and you don’t seem bored”, said Remo, unconvinced.
“Girls, don’t get bored.”, Rena said flatly, finally retreiving her book.
Remo paused. He wasn’t sure how to answer. Did girls get bored? He did not know because he was, well… a boy. It was too late to retort, because Rena now had the book. So, he left and went in search of his Mother.

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