What Have I Done

October 25, 2017
By BreWithAnE SILVER, Rixeyville, VA, Virginia
BreWithAnE SILVER, Rixeyville, VA, Virginia
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 I was a disgrace to them. My sister backs slowly away from me and stood with the rest of my family. They all stared. It was like some sort of bad dream. I could see tears in my mother’s eyes as I looked at her; my father was emotionless. Carrie and Dean looked shocked. What had I done? I wish they would tell me. My sister suddenly bursts into tears and runs, crying hysterically, into my mother’s arms.
“What’s wrong?!” I ask her, rushing to her side. But she won’t answer me; in fact she ignores me all together.
Dean falls to her side and holds her, tears streaming down his face as well. My mother, who was already a mess, continues to cry as she holds both my brother and my sister. My father walks over to where I had been standing. I keep asking my family what’s going on, but no one will answer me. I look back at my father and see he is standing over something...or someone. I walk up slowly behind him, doing my best to not startle him. I peek over his shoulder, curious to find out if whatever this was was causing this hysteria among my family. My breath caught and I stumbled backwards, falling not on, but THROUGH my brother. I start to scream, but I know no one can hear me, not anymore. My entire family is crying, and now, so am I. The reality of the situation hits me as I lie on the floor that I once used to walk on as a living, breathing thing. My dad drops to his knees in front of me and begins to murmur a prayer for me as I watch hot tears roll down his face. His prayer becomes louder as he lets his emotions catch up with him in the present. I look over his shoulder again. There, lying on the couch, was me, not breathing. I was a ghost.

The author's comments:

A girl and her family are in their living room together when suddenly, things take a turn for the worst.

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