The not-so Magic Mirror

March 29, 2009
By theawesomepaige SILVER, Houston, Texas
theawesomepaige SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Popularity, The thing everyone strives for throughout high school. Some legends say your born popular or born a geek, but I always hoped that that was just a myth. Ok so I wasn’t exactly “popular.” But what is popularity anyway? I think the stereotype for girls who are “popular” is the girls who have the most money, the newest clothes, the hottest boyfriend and the best body.
So I basically just described Lola. Lola is #1 at Clearwater high. I have to admit I could have been her if I hadn’t tripped and fell over Lola’s 5th grade science fair project. Now I’m just Cassie the klutz. I honestly don’t see why I’m not as cool as her. I mean ya she’s in cheerleading and she has the hottest boyfriend ever, but even though I don’t do cheerleading… I have friends. ok they’re not exactly in human form. My friends are characters in books. I can relate to “Jean” from Meg Cabot’s Jinx because I am extremely clumsy and “Bella” from Stephanie Myer’s Twilight because she is very down to earth. Ok whom am I kidding? I’m nobody compared to Lola. My pale completion mixed with my dishwater gray eyes and my jet black hair are nothing compared to her perfect olive skin mixed with her ocean blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. Her smile could generate a whole city’s power while my braces could collect the city’s trash. Get the picture?? I hate her. I hate her like a dog hates a cat, but yet I envy her. How could you want to be someone you hate… the eternal question.

One day while listening to Mrs. Anlington babble on about Greek mythology a counselor aid trotted into the room. Mrs. Anlington ordered me to the front of the room. I dashed up as fast as lightening. She handed me my golden ticket to freedom… to the counselor’s office. I slowly made my way to Mrs. Marrington’s office. When I arrived she commanded me to sit and then started to explain why I was requested. “Your teacher have selected you for my special club” she spat as she spoke, “ Every day this week you will miss 2nd period for this club” I was cool with that! A free invitation out of Mrs. Anlington’s babbling. SCORE!
The next day when 2nd period rolled around I wandered down to the counselors office. After being scolded on for being late I was told to read some paper by a former student of her about “self confidence”. Of course I was to busy starring at her kitten posters to actually read the thing. As Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday rolled by we pretty much just talked about are “feelings”. All of it was pointless until Friday arrived. She told us that we were going to have a little competition. Somewhere a locker numbered 214 stands and in it is the key to popularity. Along with what was in the locker whoever found it would be able to get out of gym for the rest of the year! I was sold. So after the last bell rang I ran to the 2 hundred lockers only to find locker 213, and 215. I was so upset. But I didn’t give up. I ran through looking at the rusty numbers on the candy apple colored lockers. Finally I found it!!!! I put in the combo and wiped the sweat off my palm and pushed up on the hatch. I was confused; there was something in the locker but not what I expected. I galloped back to Mrs. Marrington’s office and practically shouted, “Um I found the locker.” “And?” I almost felt my face fall to the floor. “So um I don’t know how this is the key to popularity but can I still get out of gym?” She ordered me to sit. “Look in the mirror. What do you see” “Um me?” I spat. “Describe what you see,” she said. “Well, I see a giant pimple and smudged eyeliner, whoops!” I said with a giggle. “Don’t think with your heart, think with your brain, focus!” she stuttered. Confused, I held the mirror to my face and focused and then suddenly I saw the key to popularity. I was the only one holding myself back, not Lola, or my hair, me! I made myself unpopular. So after getting out of the kitten-crazed office, I walked out of Clearwater High like I was on a runway, glamorous and unstoppable. I was no longer Cassie the klutz. And that was all that mattered.

The author's comments:
I basicly wrote the story on an old piece of notebook paper during school one day. It just kinda came out. Hope you like it!

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