The Flash Before My Death

October 24, 2017
By ellienlelson3 BRONZE, Edwards, Colorado
ellienlelson3 BRONZE, Edwards, Colorado
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I wake up Sunday morning with silence surrounding me. This was unusual for my war-torn country. I'm used to waking up to gunshots and people screaming. Instead, I make a coffee and a nice breakfast enjoying myself and relaxing. But I can't stop but thinking; today is different. Something is off.
     When I walk outside, to collect my weapons for the day, all I see is blood stains polishing the floor and hundreds of bodies scattered. The government had been here, and it hadn't ended well. I had somehow slept through this mess, leaving my country without help.
     I run down the street, dodging bodies left and right, trying out find my wife. I find her. Shot in the head. Lying there helpless and dead. I fall to my knees wishing it had been me instead of her. I get mad telling myself “the government can't win”. I must fight for my wife and my citizens so we get what we deserve; a free democratic country.
    Our country believes in corruption and trying to control us. We can't let this happen. I go get my guns for the day, and I'm off. Ready to fight for the day. 
    When I meet up with the other soldiers we build a barrier wall and begin shooting at the government. Bullets buzzing past my head, but I continue to fight. Fighting with all my might… until I'm shot. Bleeding. Unable to move. Stunned. I'm dying slowly, not able to help my fellow citizens fight against the government. I'm fading away even more. A flash before my eyes and I'm gone.

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