The New Boy

October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Hi, my name is lissette, I’m 16 and I’m depressed. So today I started off my day waking up at 4:00 a.m. to do chores and get ready for school. I absolutely hate school and my life but it’s whatever. Now, let me tell you a little bit of myself. I am a sophomore and I go to Frankston high and of course, I have no friends, no family, it’s just me and my so called “mom” living out in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t even know I exist, she hates me, everyone hates me but that isn’t even the worse part. You want to know what the worse part is? Well let’s just say the teachers absolutely love me. Everyone calls me “the teacher’s pet” because I’m very “good” at doing my school work, and I guess because I’m a straight A student or I’m the only one that participates in the class, but anyways, let’s get back on topic so as I was saying.. The day started off droopy and depressed but today there was something different but it was a good different. I walk in algebra 2 and there’s this new boy with dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5’5, extremely handsome, but something about him made me want to think that he isn’t your typical cool kid. He was very shy, and his name was “Jacob Harris”. He decided to sit next to me, and boy oh boy can I just say, I feel like I’m in a dream, can somebody pinch me already. The teacher called on Jacob to the front of the class so he could tell us a little bit of himself and where he came from. Jacob had a little bit of trouble and by the looks of it, that kid was extremely shy. After he presented himself to the class, I introduced myself and I asked him if everything was okay, he responded saying “yeah I guess, I just miss my friends and my old school.” I then responded saying “Hey, I totally get it, new school, new friends, new teachers, new classes, new everything, it can be really intimidating but you’ll be popular and cool, unlike me, I’ve been here my whole life and I don’t even have one single friend but I’m doing great without them.” He said “Oh I’m sorry.. I would really like it if u became friends with me not because u don’t have any, but because I really like you and you are really nice.” I replied “I would really like it if we did become friends.” So then we became friends after that. The first period bell rang and I walked Jacob to his class and well he’s in my second period class too. Of course we sat next to each other.. Again. The teacher asked him questions, bleh bleh bleh let’s go ahead and skip all the details of him presenting himself in that class. Lunch came around and we had A lunch together, and we sat together and we discussed how our day has been so far. Oh, did I forget to mention, we have almost every single class together, the only different classes we have is 6th and 8th period, but anyways we haven’t seperated just yet, which is good. Then all of a sudden, the popular kids came up to us, and I can tell that something big is going to happen. They decided to be “funny” and spill apple juice all over our clothes and everyone thought it was funny but it wasn’t. We went to go get new clothes and we had to tell the principal, so we did. The good news is they got punished and had to do community service. We were in 9th period and the bell had rung and Jacob and I were walking to the entrance because we were care riders, and we saw the group of popular kids, next thing you know they were chasing us and we were running with all our energy! They caught up to us and they grabbed us by our shirts and told us “you want to be a snitch don’t u? U know what snitches get? They get stitches” next thing u know Jacob and I are out cold and laying on the ground, passed out. A teacher came and called the hospital so when we woke, we were laying down in hospital beds. They punched us so hard that we literally got stitches! Next day at school was going by so slow and everyone kept asking about what happened, bleh bleh bleh, they got in trouble once again but this time they went to a place called MAP or DAEP for 30 days. Jacob and I never celebrated for such a long time! We were so happy that it was unreal, but we knew when they would come back, it would be total hell. I told my mom all about it and she respond “you should never let someone push you around, always fight back, you have your rights and I understand the consequences. Do what you have to do sweetheart” so I did. I took her advice. I was going to stand up for myself from now on. The 30 days passed by so quick, when they came, they came better than ever. All prepared for the worst, they chased us again! This time they took longer to catch up, but they did and when they did they pulled out a bat, but I wasn’t going to let them hit us, so I distracted them saying “Run there’s a teacher coming” and they looked and we got lose from their hands and ran towards the school. We told a teacher and the teacher called our parents to pick us up because they were late. The kids got DAEP once again but for the rest of the year! They were so pissed but I didn’t care, all I knew was they weren’t going to be their bothering me and Jacob! Jacob was so relieved and so was I. The rest of the year was so peaceful, and no one came to bother us one single bit. Summer days were really, really exciting and on top of that, the group of kids were never seen which was good. It was like everyone had disappeared.

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