Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer

October 27, 2017

Khang Huyng is a 15 year old that lives in North Korea and thinks nuclear power is bad for the country, they were interviewing people in Pyongyang and he decided to go and give his opinion when he arrived the person who was gonna interview him asked, “ What’s your opinion on nuclear power?” he replied, “ I think it's a bad way to spend the money on nuclear power testing and nuclear weapons” the interviewer said, “ Great opinion another question do you think this can lead to a war” he replied, “ Yes this can lead to a war and i feel it would be against the U.S because minister Ri Yong-ho threatened to shoot down U.S warplanes for the reason of the U.S frequently flying warplanes over the Korean Peninsula.” The interviewer said, “ Great, last question what do you think Kim Jong Un response to this would be.” Khang replied, “ i feel like he is trying to make North Korea more aggressive and that he is not gonna tolerate this kind of signaling from the U.S and he may begin to treat these flights as aggressive acts of war and start a war against the U.S.” The interviewer said, “Thank you for coming here take care” He stepped out of the room and headed back home when he got home he turned on the tv and heard that Kim Jong Un declared war against U.S he ran in a worried face and told his Mom “ Momma we have to leave this country” his mom replied “ Why we don't have money to leave this country” he replied “ Momma i don't want nothing to happen to you please wait here and i'll be back” he left the house and ran to Kim Jong Un’s palace he screamed out ” STOP Nuclear Power and stop the war against U.S we don't have nothing against them” The secretary said “Mr. Kim Jong Un there’s a kid outside screaming “To stop the nuclear power and be in peace with the U.S” Kim replied “ Bring the kid in i wanna have a talk with him” The secretary headed outside and called the kid to come in they walked down the hallway and up the stairs heading to Kim’s office he walked in and got in his knees and said “ Please Mr. Kim Jong Un our country has a great community and most importantly if we go at war my Mother can lose her life just because you declared war and felt threatened by the U.S” Kim Jong Un replied with a smiled “ What’s your name boy” he replied “ My name is Khang” Kim replied “Nice to meet you Khang you you changed my mind when you said you might lose your mother if we go at War and that reminded me how i lost my mother in a war against Vietnam and imma try and negotiate with the U.S to stop War thanks for coming and also i heard you wanted me to nuclear power why should i stop that?” Khang replied “ In my opinion nuclear power is a waste of time and money because your wasting the community’s money and instead of giving us back some of that money you're using it to create nuclear weapons and nuclear tests and if we keep on going with nuclear power testing it can cause us to go at war with other countries” Kim replied “ If i stop Nuclear Power then countries will think we are weak and i want them to be afraid of us” Khang said, “ Mr. Kim i know you want us to look strong, but what is better having th community feel safe without nuclear tests and living in peace or having other countries keep an eye on us and declare a war just to stop War” Kim replied, “ Ok Khang thank you for coming and ill stop Nuclear Power testing starting today take care and take care of your mother” Khang replied, “ Thank you for having me come in and for these good deeds you're doing for our country” as khang left the palace he left a note outside Kim’s door and smiled.

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